#321 The Road to Completion

Today I asked Jeanne for guidance and a follow up question about the experiences of past lives, as so many of you are curious about them.

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have a message of guidance for us today? And also, many of your readers are curious about their past lives and wondering how they can complete the whole puzzle of themselves if their past lives are missing from the picture?

Hold onto the idea of completion at all times. No matter what else comes to interrupt the flow of your life or present you with challenges, so return always to the fact that the life you live is meaningful in every aspect, and it desires completion.

The ultimate purpose and reason for living in that realm is to complete your evolution at that level of learning, and to prepare the self to move on to the next level. Completion entails taking in to consideration every bit of who you are, and putting together the puzzle of the self, holding the self responsible for finding what you need to make this completion happen.

It is not without some difficulty that this process is undertaken, but if you keep always the word completion in your thoughts and just below the surface of your conscious mind, so will you constantly remind your self of this goal.

The object of your life is you and your recapitulation of the life you now live. In truly knowing the self and totally understanding why you do the things you do, and deeply digging into who you have been in this lifetime, so do you open the door to a new means of living life. To achieve completion must you be prepared to leave your recapitulated self upon the shores of that world and advance to a new level where only completed souls may go. To return to that Earth level is by no means a failure, for it carries so many challenges and possibilities for growth and advancement too. But I urge now completion upon you all so that channels to reincarnation may be open to those who have yet to reach even the first level of awareness of evolutionary potential.

Do not take my meaning as being condescending, or even slightly suggestive that many who are unaware are not capable of awareness. All are capable. But my point is to urge all of you who are now aware of your own potential, and also aware of what awaits, to advance with intent now.

Do not waste your time and efforts wallowing in indecisions about beliefs and truths. Without experiences you will have no logical means of proving anything. You need the experience of your recapitulation to show you what you need to learn and know.

Gather your self into your wholeness. Trust every aspect of the self and accept it as truly meaningful for this journey. Your body, your mind, your inner turmoils, and your place in that world are all aspects of the self that make up your truths. Begin to more fully accept where you have gotten to, and then start your process of recapitulation and change with all those aspects of the self fully accepted as vehicle, companion, and attributes that are meant to accompany you. You will not have any others until you accept the ones you have now.

The road to completion is wide open, lying ahead of you, clearly waiting for you to step out upon it and begin your adventuring.

I know that the question of past lives intrigues you all, or perhaps may it not yet, but I can guarantee that it will, for yes, that will be part of your completion. But as I have stressed in the past, you will not be able to assimilate and truly understand those past lives until you truly understand this life. In the flow of recapitulation will you discover the meaning of this life, and the interconnectedness of your previous lives will become apparent. Allow the issue of past life experiences to become part of your recapitulation. They will appear in your knowing as you do your inner work. For your completion will include them, but their meanings will only have significance within the context of the inner work, otherwise are they merely anecdotes, without connection or meaning.

Do the inner work, and in so doing will you discover all the inner aspects of the self, including the ability to travel back into your previous lives. When you have gotten to that point of ability and awareness, then will you be ready to grapple with those lives. But until then, I recommend that you stick to grappling with the truths of this life that still remain buried and unavailable.

Your completion begins now, in the knowing of this life. Revelations of past lives will flow into and out of your awareness with synchronistic appearances that are meaningful for the journey you are now on. Don’t fret so much about those other lives. Simply allow them to appear when the time is right, when they choose to do so. Otherwise, by going digging, do you waste time on meaningless searches that will have little impact on your recapitulation, because they will have no relevance. When the time is right, you will have clarity. Trust me on this, but most of all trust your own process.

I can see that many of you are doing well. You are daring yourselves to grow and to accept many new ideas of life upon that Earth. You are truly doing the work, and that is so wonderful to see; and to be a part of your lives is my greatest joy. This mission is my current passion, and the challenges of being in this position are many, but the rewards far outweigh the challenges. As I see so many of you growing and evolving so does my passion for the mission increase, for this is meaningful work, with great significance for the evolution of mankind and the planet.

It is not only the evolution that counts, but the new ideas and truths that are spreading and becoming acceptable, for they have the potential to impact future generations of seekers. As they become known and acceptable so do they open the way for a revolutionary means for mankind to coexist upon that planet, with mutual love, and compassion, focused on growth of spirit. And in light of what is happening now, that offers a beacon of hope that the seeds of those qualities can and will sprout upon that Earth.

Allow yourselves to feast in the knowledge that your journey is perfect; that you are protected, safe, and meaningfully guided. Knowing that, you can do anything, handle anything, and live with that certainty at the center of your being, enabling you to keep evolving.

#320 Who Are You Looking For In Those Mirrors?

Today Grasshopper, as in, “the answer is in you, Grasshopper,” asks a question.

Dear Jeanne,
I am struggling over the return of a former intimate partner. I have been resisting going back to an involvement with him for almost a year now. This is a relationship in which I feel I fully express myself, and am accepted as I am, which is what the real draw is for me. But there are significant issues of addiction (alcohol addiction-his) and my avoidance of codependency in that issue. Not to mention the huge gap in our ages.

I suspect/believe/assume the addiction/codependency thing is an area in which I am supposed to be learning a lesson and, hence, I avoided the relationship when he has pursued it because I thought that was the lesson. But it’s puzzling, because it is yet another repeated experience presented to me, so often, that I keep thinking I get the lesson, and yet I still feel drawn. This is a person who is not what I am looking for in a life partner, but highly attractive in his way, who seems fated, with whom I feel that I have some kind of otherworldly attachment to, even with my full knowledge that he will not be someone I will commit to in any permanent way, AND who has some kind of addictive issue. I don’t want to be held back from finding a suitable partner with whom I can find mutual trust and ongoing healthy intimate involvement. So if I’m getting the lessons, why do they keep coming back? And where are the men with whom I could actually have a real committed relationship?

Am I supposed to be examining my judgments of myself and others? Am I supposed to be resisting my physical desires? Confronting my fear of aging, as I am approached by a young attractive man, repeatedly? All of these things I have thought about. Even as I know “the answer is in you, Grasshopper,” I feel like I’ve recapitulated endlessly around this issue. Am I doing it right? Is this just a particularly resistant issue for me? Am I over-thinking, and is that, in some way, avoiding real recapitulation?

So maybe my question is about more insight into recapitulation, as it’s related to relationship patterns, and in my case, actual repeated relationships with return partners. I’ve been dealing with this for a long time, and I can’t seem to find the right balance of honoring the relationship for it’s value in bringing my issues to light, which the relationships in question certainly have done, as they are the only ones I am drawn to repeatedly, and being the light for the other person without crossing into codependency. And I wonder if there is just some huge vat of other gunk I need to clear that I haven’t even recognized. I sure do feel like I dig deep, but why am I here again? I really feel it is time to clear the way for more positive and committed experiences.

Is this a Mephistophelean situation, the tempting by the devil, offering a taste of what he offers, in return for giving energy to him?

Ok, so anything you can offer, Jeanne, it’s greatly appreciated,

My Dear One, you are caught in the web of self doubt that does afflict many who seek wholeness, both with the self and with true partnership with another resonant being. This is not only a Mephistophelean situation with energy enticing energy, but it is happening outside of you, outside energy attracting outside energy. Underneath sits the real truth, which you speak of as “resisting going back to.” Pay attention to that underlying truth and the truths you have spelled out.

If you were looking at this situation from afar, would you have a different perspective, a truer perspective? For I do think that is what you have had as this year has progressed and you withdrew from intimacy. But now you are presented with a close-up smoldering pile of energy at your door, asking for you, for your nurturing participation in feeding the big baby its bottle. Do you really wish to be in that situation again? Yes, babies are cuddly, and fun to be around, but then you have to care for them, clean up after them, and feel exhausted by their neediness and their draining of your energy. No matter how evolved they may appear, they are still big babies.

To offer the self in this manner to someone else, to offer your “light” to them, as you speak of, is to deny your own inward turning light.

Focus not on what this man offers you, for he offers only a reflection of the self, stuck in repeated patterns of behavior. He is your mirror, shiny and appealing as that beautiful mirror is, so is it reflecting not only all your own wonderful qualities, but also your own addictive qualities of interdependence and reliability on repetition of habits, much easier to resort to than to shift away from.

Women have a tendency to want to change the image of the man before them; but how can you change a mirror image? Only by changing the self. It is not your job, nor your inner desire to really change anyone else, but only your job and inner desire to change the self. Why do you repeatedly spin your wheels in front of the same mirror images, Grasshopper? Who are you looking for in those mirrors? Or better put, who are you avoiding? Who are you attempting to see in others, but not in your self?

I know you probe and ask your self all the right questions, but your mistake has been to ask them in relationship to others. To actually do a recapitulation around relationship is to take the self who approaches relationships out of the relationship, and place that self, alone, on your knee. Remove the mirror, the partner, totally from the picture. A relationship is not about the other person, it is about you. Where are you within your self? Still looking for the one true partner, the one true being who will fulfill all your dreams? Do you know that no such person exists outside of you? Don’t you know that the only place you will find such a partner is inside you?

Perhaps your question is really about the nature of relationships, and this I have spoken of, but perhaps not enough. For a true relationship to prosper and have the possibility of growth, so must each partner be able to face the dire and most tragic truths of the self, along with total acceptance of the beauty and the positive aspects of the self. The first act of recapitulation around relationship must be around love of self, acceptance of self, especially as reflected by these previous relationships you do speak quite clearly about.

You speak the words that will lead you properly, but do you hear them? Do you accept them?

From what I can see, My Dear Girl, you have not truly accepted your place in life as self, as totally enclosed, safe self. You have not refused to look into the mirrors as they appear, enticing you, saying, “Look, look what I offer!” They do not offer what you think they offer. They do not offer “fated” relationships, or gifts of “feeling” right. They only offer reflections of the self.

Where is your addiction problem? Where is your dependent neediness? Where is the aspect in you that asks the other to take over, and care, and love me? This mature you that desires to light the way for another must truly turn that desire toward the self. Find that seeking light that is buried inside your self, waiting for your nurturance of its flame.

Turn away from the mirrors. Do not look into them. Do not be enticed by romantic ideals of love, for that is where you get caught. You idealize the shiny view in the mirror, desiring, wanting what it has, but the price to get it is too high a price to pay, for it involves giving up the self, and that is not what a true relationship will entice with.

A true relationship will only entice the true self to emerge, to partake fully, and to be not only assured of safety, but expect it in return. A true partner will inexplicably be on equal ground, with not one mirror in sight; face to face; real skin, eyes, hair, mouth, touch, feel; emotions flowing; nothing hidden or secretive; no illusions, delusions, or untruths that need to be covered over, retreated from, or posed in some fashion so that you cannot see them. No hidden agenda; no questioning of, Am I doing this right? Is this the right partner? No wondering, Why am I here, again? Because it will be a place you have never been before, yet will you know that it is totally right.

Your wariness at this mirror appearing again, is your truth speaking. Your champion in this place of now, is your questing spirit putting you in a place of puzzlement and confusion, and in that place do you have your answer that, no, this is not right, for all the reasons you have already laid out.

But now what do you do? You put the mirror down gently so that you do not have to look at it again, but you take all the truths of that person and investigate your self, with them as your guide. Why must you continually look into the same mirror? You are missing some important aspects of the self that you have not quite understood correctly or thoroughly yet. Your illusions about the self must be cracked and broken, not the other person. So do not hurt the other, but simply turn the mirror down, face it back upon him, who must also do his own work in the mirror.

There are mirrors all around you. Every day do you encounter reflections of the self in others. Turn all those mirrors now to the inner spirit, and recapitulate the self, not the relationships, or the others involved, but only the self.

Yes, I know you want a relationship with a man, the right man, and you want it now. But wait, My Dear, for your true self to emerge, so that it does meet the true self of another evolving being. Only then will you emerge from the hall of mirrors and enter into living life in true reality of self. And in that world will you meet others who have also emerged from the House of Mirrors, and live in truth with the self; no ideals; no illusions; no shiny presentations, coated with possibility. In that place of self love, self safety, self nurture, and utter self truth, are there no shiny surfaces; no requests for your energy, but only an equal and vital exchange of energetic giving, and giving, and giving. Partners of truth do not drain each other, nor do they request personal feeding. But they grab you by the hand and say, “Come on, let’s go,” without dilemma, or conflict, or doubt. Yes, with some hesitation will you take in the clarity of seeing another person boldly displaying their every truth without cover of addiction, or shrouded in neediness; but no attempts to confuse or deceive will be present, so your eyes may not be able to take in the clear picture before you, but your inner spirit will know. And what it will know is that no romantic ideal could ever match perfect truth of self.

I think, My Dear Grasshopper, that it is time for you to stop looking in mirrors. Find your self, your beauty, your inner truths, and even your specks of addictive and needy qualities that still linger. Do not look for the man outside of you now, but look for the man inside of you, and merge with him. Only then, in your own masculine/feminine wholeness will you meet another, also balanced in inner masculine/feminine wholeness, to match your energy and your desire to grow. For that must always be what fuels a living spirit, the desire to grow.

So All of You Readers, merge first with your self, with your truths, with your romantic ideals of the self. Reconcile every aspect, every speck of unfinished business about what you seek in another, first within the self. Then will you be ready to meet your match. It may not appear as you suspect, for it will not approach as a mirror does, but in a completely fantastic manner, as the universe sees fit, not as you imagine or would like to perceive based on the old notions of love and romance. But it will unfold as it will, for your grand benefit, as you pass your tests, and find that, yes, you have learned your lessons of the self at last! And the universe will reward you with a special gift for your work well done.

I wonder how your gift will arrive, Grasshopper? On a blade of grass? On a drop of dew? In the early morning light as you flex your wings and look around you in the light of a new day, the sun peaking out and saying, Wake up, Grasshopper, it’s Graduation Day? I await your discovery of the self. And now, All of You Seekers must truly turn inward, and work hard, for that new day is coming soon.

#319 You Are a Sexual Being

Anonymous asks Jeanne a question today.

Dear Jeanne,
In the bigger picture of us as energetic beings, what purpose or role does our sexuality play in regards to our evolutionary growth?

My Dear Reader, as a human being your sexuality is a defining factor in your life, your lives, and your evolution. As a sexual being are you guided through life and your many lives, constantly confronted with the challenges of the body, the vehicle of transport through that level of evolutionary progress. Your body, as your vehicle, must be attended to, and your progress is attached heavily to how you master it, learn from it, and eventually release from it. It is not only your vehicle, but your entry into understanding what is available to you and what comes next, for it is how you enter life and are presented with all of your challenges, your tests, and your master plan for doing your life upon that Earth; your many lives.

As your vehicle, your body offers many opportunities for growth. It provides many tests, and many of these, throughout your lives, will be of the sexual sort, posed for evolutionary purposes. For within the sexual aspects of the self lie many opportunities to present the challenges necessary for eventual evolution. To learn freedom from judgments; to allow the full expression of the human experience; to achieve innocent conjugal interconnectedness; and to present the self with all the challenges of procreation, and the learning of love and compassion, are at the root of sexuality. To understand your place in the universe stems from the fact that you began life as the result of sexual activity. You are a sexual being, and you will always remain so, for sexual energy is an example of the intensity of real energy as it is carried on into other lives. (Procreation is the means by which the evolutionary journey begins. In some manner, we are all a part of that process, either in being given the opportunity to take our own journeys, or allowing others the opportunity to take their journeys. —Jan)

Glimpses of exuberance, alive energy, channeled into one activity are presented during the sexual act, with the possibility of experiencing not only physical climax, but the opening of your energetic connection to infinity. (The opportunity to become a channel for another soul.) If you are not sexually energetic in this lifetime so will you be in another, or perhaps you have already been confronted with many aspects of sexual propensities in past lives. During your soul’s journey you can bet you have had, or will have, encounters with human sexuality, both your own and others. For human sexuality is not experienced alone in fulfillment, but only with another equally resonant human being.

That was my own dilemma, as Jeanne Marie Ketchel, to find my fulfillment as a sexual energy being. I did ultimately find it in my energy body, though I sought its fulfillment in my physical body. I did not need its resolution there though, for I had another more important issue to attend to related to sexuality and procreation. In a previous life had I lived the life of a prostitute, a well-known Madam, and during that lifetime did I not only explore, but fully accept my sexuality. But I also presented myself with the problem of procreation; the result of the sexual act, and eventually the act of abandonment of the child I had produced became the issue. As that issue remained unresolved in that lifetime, so did I carry it in to my life as Jeanne, who lived the life of a child who did not know her birth mother. The birth mother, the sexual being I had emerged from, gave me the mystery of my life to solve, and resolve. But ultimately, that issue emerged from my own sexual self in that previous life. So you see, your sexual self is a many-faceted being, and certainly needs to be listened to, attended to, and ultimately resolved.

In the annuls of restrictions set upon you by others, such as religious upbringing, parents, and the societies you live in, lie the challenges to be first overcome. But that is merely fluff compared to what lies within the self that poses the greatest barriers and ideas regarding who you are as a sexual being. All of you are sexual beings, have no doubt about that, and no denial of that truth.

Sexuality is a pure and basic aspect of the human form and function. How do you choose to approach that aspect of the self? I propose that you find your true inner self, the you who resides in truth and knowing, the one who does not abide by the outer rules imposed upon you by others, but only by the inner truths of innocence and purity of journey.

To live your life fully, must you allow yourself to be guided by that innocent you. Not the child, but the spirit self who loves, trusts, knows fully what it has to offer, and knows fully what is right to accept in a loving relationship. Deviant behaviors and undercurrents of evil intent are aspects of a spirit’s journey that must be encountered, but even such behaviors have the possibility of being diffused as innocence and truth emerge and take over.

Your evolutionary journey is comprised of: your soul’s selections for growth, the challenges presented, as well as the physical form you have elected to inhabit at each rebirth. There are no mistakes, no wrong selections, no wrong turns as you elect and begin your life. All aspects of who you are, including your sexual self, are totally legitimate and defining aspects of this journey you are on.

To fully recapitulate and discover who you are must the puzzle of the physical and sexual self be probed, and fully uncovered, or you will have residual aspects to attend to in a future life. To meet and express with another your full sexual innocence is the goal. To fully allow resonant sexual energy to express itself, merging with your own, is offering your self the opportunity to become whole, and wholly resolved as a human entity.

There are so many aspects of the human body that are repeatedly presented with necessity of attendance to; not only the sexual aspect, but body image, the desires and hungers of the body, the thoughts and confusions, the appetites and dislikes, the ego and the inner spirit; the tugs-of-war that are presented not only by the body, but by the outer world’s expectations and the proclivities of the societies you reside in. I can say this though, that as you recapitulate and do your inner work, so will you find that innocent sexual resonance, and discover that it has nothing to do with what you have learned about sex, or what is currently being taught or researched. It has only to do with pure expression of the innocent self. It can resolve in a most unusual manner, the question of your sexuality. But it must be an expression of your true innocent spirit as you tap into your pure energy. When that is released will you understand what it means to merge your sexual energy with another of like resonance.

I did present myself with quite a challenge as Jeanne Marie Ketchel. For although I did resolve many of my sexual issues in a previous life, so was I still presented with fulfillment of what comes after that, and that was, and is, the challenge of discovering true love and compassion for the self first and foremost, for only then will it be possible to achieve it on a universal level.

I propose, as always, that you continue your process of self-discovery by removing the outer world from your inner work. Do your inner work based on your inner truths of the self, freed of the judgments of others. Once you discover the true self, and begin to allow it to live your life, unafraid because it knows that everything is meaningful and meant to happen, so will you find fulfillment in all aspects of your life. Allow your true sexual being to emerge too. It may not be as you think it is now, while you still struggle with issues to be resolved. For many of you, your innocence will surprise you.

Live life to the fullest of your innocent potential, My Dear Reader. Seek not sexuality, but expression of your inner self as a sexual being, and in so doing merge the two, your inner you and your body you, the two most compatible aspects of your life. But perhaps you haven’t gotten to that place of mergence with the self yet? Don’t worry, you are fully capable of merging and, I think, most aware that you are just about to do so. Does that answer your question?

Good Luck, All of You Sexual Beings. You are going to find out who you really are only as you discover your innocence. It awaits, it holds all the answers to you and your full potential.

#318 This Energy is Good for Recapitulation Activities

Dear Jeanne,
What message of guidance do you have for us today? The energy feels stagnant and somewhat heavy.

This again is a time of retrospection, of spinning wheels, with the impression of little accomplished and little forward movement. Be patient. Be aware that this energy you call stagnant and heavy is good for recapitulation activities, for it allows for inward turning and contemplation. It is a time of questioning; a time of introspection; a time of forced contemplation of the self. At least that is how it should be utilized. Do not thwart its usage by focusing on what is wrong outside of you, or with others who may appear to confront you or pose a mirror for your issues. Do not look for excuses, or to blame for your own lack of focused energy and balance.

This effort of energy is offered quite cyclically for purposes of deep inner retrospection, seeing the self in the past and in the now, as well as deep introspection, the questioning of why, how, and when things will be different.

Well, things are already different. Do not doubt that. Your notice of the energy is quite profound. Your physical and energetic notion that something is slightly off, or slightly askew, both outside and inside you is a noticeable awareness of the energy that I speak of often. This energy now must be utilized, rather than pushed out of the way. Do not attempt to bypass it, but also be aware that you can get stuck in one place, wheels spinning, with the old scenarios, the old voices playing over and over again. Switch off the verbal abuse and the self-abuse that are no longer good for your evolving self. Dampen down the inner critics and the outer reflections of a perceived self who no longer exists. You are all changing now, and have been for a long time, My Dears. Do not get stuck in a little mud puddle that has appeared in your path. So what if you walked into it, unaware that it was so deep and sticky with old mud or even quick sand? You are aware of it now, so find your way back to solid ground.

But also be aware that you walked into it because you needed to. Question the self as to why? Why was it necessary to get caught in that place of muddy stagnancy? In order to move along, in spite of the fact that you are muddy and perhaps slowed in your progress, so must your focus remain on growth.

Do not sit down in that place of old. Do not get caught by the sucking attempt being made against your energy. Do not thwart your good progress by sitting down now in disgust or exhaustion. You will find that underneath all of that sticky mud is all the inner energy and drive that you need to leave behind all that is attempting to hijack you and feed off your energy.

Put your life in perspective again. Look at your progress, your step-by-step growth, each event in your life leading to this amazing place of now.

These times of retrospection appear quite often. Begin to recognize them by the dark energy that pulls at you and drags you down. Stay focused on the lighter inner energy of knowing that you are doing everything differently now. You are on a path of change, and that path, though it runs through muddy ground and beside swampy marshes, has plenty of stepping stones to get you over such areas of stagnancy.

Keep your energy above the fray, and your mind’s thoughts too. Keep your energy light, focused on how far you have come, and your solid intent to tackle what comes, as it leads you onward to further growth and change. Everything is meaningful. Find the meaningfulness in this energy of now and your own situation. Each one of you, My Dear Companions, are on an evolutionary journey. Keep that always in your focus. Keep your awareness always shifting back to your intent to grow and change and, with such clarity always present to guide you, will you affectively switch back to your path.

Ask for help when you need it, but don’t forget that such energy is delighted to feed off you. So ask your self: Am I being drained? Did I get caught? Then detach your self from the draining energy, and get back on track if the answer is yes. If the answer is no, then gather your energy that is being tempted outward and tugged at, and refocus on your path as well. For that is all you need in order to thwart the attempts of energy drains.

This time will not last too long. But be aware. Watch as the energy shifts again in a matter of days. I think you’ll notice quite a relief as it does. Until then, do the constant work on the self. It is your one and only place of retreat that is properly safe and protected from the outside energy. This is always the case, no matter what kind of energy is outside of you, good, bad, or indifferent. Focus on the work of the inner self is key to achieving advancement, growth, and change.

#317 There are No Mistakes or Errors as You Do Your Inner Work

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have a message for us to begin a new week?

Hesitate not in your efforts to understand the self and the energy I speak of so often, the possibilities of what it means to be energy, and the meaning of the surrounding energetic entities as well. Find your own place constantly. Find your resonance, your place of well-being and of comfort in your life and your work in order to most suitably function and reap the benefits of life upon that Earth.

I advise now diligent behaviors to achieve that which is most important to you. I advise adherence to your own knowing of what is right for you and what is not right for you. I also advise that you suspend your judgments of the self and others, and instead seek your inner truths as they are reflected in your judgments of others. I advise caution as you proceed, being aware of your old causes and habits that will seek to interrupt the flow of your work. But why do they do so? Perhaps they still have remnants to teach you, or even contain large chunks of unrecapitulated memory. Do not simply dismiss them, those old friends, for they hold many keys to your success; yet must you not get caught by them in the usual manner now, but instead treasure them as guides, showing you what you must work on.

There are no mistakes or errors as you do your inner work, for all occurrences of energy in life are meaningful and necessary in order for you to learn and advance upon your path. Your journey will not be completely understood if you do not dissect the constant habits of old that continue to appear, blocking your path. Are they really blocking your path? Or are they attempting to show you something that you have failed so far to grasp the meaning of? Signs and reminders of your issues will appear to guide you.

Do not be too hard on the self. Even as you are now being advised to remain strictly focused, so does that mean that you should watch for the signs all around you to aid you in determining where to go next and what issues are most prevalent. If you are too strict with the self so may you miss such guidance and such notes of reasonable direction. Allow your self to be guided. Allow the guidance to flow as you flow with new awareness that there is meaningfulness in everything, and that you are constantly being presented with signs that are significant to you alone, at this time in your life.

Abide by the new rules and new ideas for living a most openly guided and changing life*. You know that I stress simplicity and reconnection with the energy around you in order to discover who you truly are, and the reason for your being alive now during this time of transition for all who reside upon that Earth.

This is a time when all who live are being offered the opportunity to advance, to grow, and to evolve at a pace far exceeding most journeys. For now is this necessary, in order to resolve many issues outside of you and your own inner issues. You are part of a larger complex of issues, and your enlightenment is connected to greater issues of resolution of energy. Do not ever think that you are not of universal significance. All who exist in energetic form are significant aspects of evolutionary growth and change. You are part of the greater whole because you are the greater whole. Even as you struggle to resolve your own questions of wholeness and oneness, so be aware of the greater consequences of your energetic self. Your energetic self holds universal potential within, and that is the purpose of your connection to it, to discover what that means.

Keep that piece of the puzzle of the self firmly in your consciousness as you do your inner work of completion. You are meant and destined to fit into the larger universal picture of wholeness, and that is your ultimate reason for living and growing.

Contain your studies now to the self. Do not ponder too much that which awaits, for it will not be feasibly apparent in its meaning until you have understood the self and your own energetic composition, resonance, and truth. Find the mysteries of the self and resolve to accept and acknowledge that you are an energetic being of light, of good, and of the truth, unafraid to discover these aspects of the self, for they will free you to explore further.

The energy of now is energy that supports such growth and self-discovery. Turn inward, and turn the knowledge of this kind of energy inward and use it. With such inward turning will the outer mysteries also be revealed and understood. Good luck as you do your work. You are safe and protected. Do not work in anger, but work in wonder and in joy. Do not work in sadness or in pity for the self, but work in knowing that truth awaits and is the one and only desire that truly matters. Find your truths, and find your energy being.

*NOTE: Once again Jeanne refers to the Rules of Life and Steps of Change and general guidance on becoming an energetic being posted under Guidance on this website.