#282 March Onward

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have a word or note of guidance today?

Dig out your truths, and stand with them firmly visible in your grasp today, for this is a day when you will want to utilize them. Do not allow old places to reach out for you, nor drag you into their sullen comforts, but strive now to march onward, taking your new path that leads you far away from that which has been your norm. Remember, you are different now. You are changing with the times that call for such drastic change, and you are a person of spirit, with intent for personal transformation and evolution. Remain steady upon this path, but even more so, wear the mantle of this spirit that you are, the cloak of an evolutionary being who is not afraid to turn up your collar and march onward, with your truths protecting you and guiding you. Where do you go now? Why, forward, of course, My Dears, always forward, wherever it may lead. Don’t worry, you are doing fine. You may need to turn your back on the unaccepting ones, but do not ever turn your face or your intent from your goal. Life is too exciting to be wasted, for even a second, wondering about others who seek only oblivion. Stay the course of growth, change, and inner spirit work, and you will do well.