#283 Strive Now to “See” Differently

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have a message for today?

Await now results of your work on the inner self. Abide continually by the new Rules of Life and Change, as I constantly point out, for they contain many hidden treasures as yet unearthed. Your awareness, as it is honed, and your diligent inner work, will continue to lead you properly, and those hidden treasures will emerge from my previous words to further enlighten you.

I feel like I must be missing something in those Rules. You keep bringing them up, and I keep reading them, but I’m not sure what I’m supposed to notice. This may be the same for your other readers too. Am I missing something important?

Do not puzzle over that, but continue to do the deeper work on the self, challenging your inclinations to fall back into old habits. Refer often to those Rules, for as you evolve so will the deeper meanings appear to enlighten you.

So, you’re not going to enlighten me I see. I have to figure it out for myself, right?

Of course, Jan. I am not inclined to do your work for you, or for anyone. I pose the questions and present the tests for you to take. As a teacher and a guide do I but nudge you, enticing you always onto your true path. Neither do I demand nor seek compliance on your part, but allow you full reign of experience in order to grow. My intent is not to have anyone beholden to me, nor consider me the only one who offers guidance. I am one of many, yet is it appropriate for you to know that those of us who support you, and urge you on your journey, also expect you to learn as much as possible while there in that lifetime, so that you may emerge from it ready to join us, as equals. This is true for all of you evolutionary beings. I do not speak of Jan alone when I state this, for all of you have equal potential and ability.

Strive now to “see” differently. Take off the glasses that have become fogged over, and wipe away the dust from your eyes. Soften your gaze a little so that the world around you takes on a different look. In this state of slightly blurred awareness, may you begin to “see” the way that is available to you. For this type of seeing is not the seeing of eyes, but the seeing of your own energy in relationship to all other energy. You have the ability to see energy. This is what I point out as I continue to suggest that you retain awareness of The Rules of Life and Change as you go through your day. Continue to hone the skills of awareness; they will aid you. But reduce your seeing to a less sharp sight; blur it, and feel with your seeing eyes, rather than seek hardness of vision. In this manner may you begin to experience the world around you slightly differently.

This is an especially appropriate time to do this, as nature itself is in such a state of energetic awakening, quite vital, and pretty available. Observe, in quiet contemplation, all that is happening around you now in nature. Begin to feel the bursting forth of energy in your part of the world, and attempt to understand those Rules as pertaining to such energy.

In other parts of the world, where life is not at such a stage of bursting forth, is there still energy in nature to be observed, whether it be bedding down energy, or silently vital energy seeking sustenance as the world changes. So is it all energy of life itself.

Do not stress so much over my meanings, but seek instead your own experiences to guide you. For your own life is the one great teacher. I am merely an aid, a guide along the path. If you ask for help, I will give it. If you stumble along, and seem to need assistance or a push in the right direction, if deemed truly necessary, so will I push you or offer you a sign. But all of this help is needlessly wasted if you do not dare your self to experience life differently. So stay the course of growth. “See” it all around you. Hone your awareness skills; and remain focused, always, on the wonders that truly exist in your life, your world, and your potential world. Life is amazing! Don’t miss it!