#284 It is Time to Evolve, My Dears, and You Really Don’t Have a Choice

Dear Jeanne,
What message do you have for us today?

What message do you need?

I’ve noticed the energy, but feel that the shift I want isn’t quite happening. Maybe it’s in small increments, but I’d like it to speed up a little. Other people I’ve talked to are also feeling this, that the energy is intense, but not much else has happened to bring us to a place of noticeable change. Can you address this issue of our real desire for change, but the frustration of waiting for it, while at the same time feeling the energy revving up? It’s a little confusing trying to figure out how to handle it.

Do I not, at all times, stress a calm, balanced attitude to all that seeks to urge and disrupt your complacency?

Yes, you do, and I am reminded of that often, but this energy now is different. It has a youthful exuberance to it that I see manifesting in a lot of people, an eagerness that is looking for an outlet that is right this time, but not quite finding it, so then we have to deal with the intensity of it.

You will all need to get used to this energy that continues to mount. For the next few months will there be occurrences of this energetic flow bursting forth, yet will it not settle into a calm flow for a while yet. This energy that mounts, incrementally, is building all energy to a new level, so each burst is as if a step up has been taken. There is great need for this shift in energetics upon that Earth. You are present during a time of great change even though you may feel frustrated at the slowness of it. As you feel the pressure of it, so also must you keep in mind that it is simultaneously rising to a higher level of intensity, and in the long run is this necessary, and good for the great awakening and shift that is coming. This time of great shift will affect all who live upon that planet in some manner. Some will be affected greatly, others not so greatly, but still is life upon that Earth destined to change.

What kind of timeframe are you talking about? Months? Years? Decades?

In time will the length of buildup and anticipation not matter, for everything must be prepared for this shift. Over the next few months, perhaps even the next few weeks, is there going to occur shift, and vital change that will kick up quite a lot of notice and controversy. Then gradually, over the next few years, will subsequent changes be enacted; all with the purpose of shake up. These cosmic, and universal spurts of energy will create not imbalance upon that Earth as may at first be declared, but will in fact shift back into balance all that has gone awry. This century will be declared The Century of Change, Destruction, and Resurrection. Beyond that is there hope that awakened individuals will inhabit that planet, with new initiatives, and new habits of growth firmly embedded in their psyches.

For now, is it up to each one of you to awaken to the fact that this shift is at the core of your sense of frustration and the energy you are feeling. Do not dismiss this fact from your underlying truths. Even though you have your own issues in life to deal with, so are you privileged to be present during this time of great awakening and abrupt change. Your participation is being asked for.

So I guess we should learn to get used to the build up of energy, and use it for our own growth?

That is exactly what you should be doing. Learning to harness it. But it is important to not get swept away by it. Its intensity may throw you off your path. You may have to wrestle out of it what is resonant only to you. For even though this energy builds in intensity, so is it possible to siphon off only what you need in order to remain balanced and in sync with it at the same time, able to flow and stay in a state of calm.

This will entail learning detachment, responsibility for the self, and denial of the greedy baby inside all of you. It is time to evolve, My Dears, and you really don’t have a choice. “The times they are a-changin’,” so get used to it! But get used to it in an evolutionary manner, by toning down, tuning in, and flowing with the energy that is reciprocal and resonant. You all have learned so many skills now that I know you are fully capable of figuring out what to do.

The Rules of Life and Change must now become your trusty guidance, handy at all times to remind you how an evolutionary being should conduct a life of meaning and growth, within the context of great, sweeping energy of change.

So, I hope this answers your questions. As the energy continues to build, step-by-step, allow your self to keep up with it, but remain innerly calm and balanced so that your boat does not get swept away, and capsized by the intensity of the storm that is constantly brewing and escalating. Instead, remain alert, seeking calmer waters, where your inner work may continually be conducted, even as you maintain awareness of the storm just beyond your cove.

You can all do this, if you learn to flow, to remain stable, and responsible, and live a life according to the new rules. Good Luck now, as the next few days may present a much-needed lull, but prepare during this time for new energy to come. It is going to be quite a burst of energy that may knock you about in order to wake you up, keep you alert, and ask for your undivided attention as it wreaks some well-needed havoc upon that Earth. I suggest you look forward to it with calm enthusiasm, and a new confidence, knowing you can handle anything that comes your way. Attempts to remain calm and stable will succeed if you are aware that this is what the energy is meant to do now, shake you up. So accept it, calm down, and see where it leads you. Oh, and enjoy it too. For it holds within its intensity much joy and lightheartedness that should be engaged in, and not missed, for then would your journey not be completely fulfilling.

NOTE: Just thought I’d give an update on the bird caught in the bathroom fanlight, as several people have asked what happened. Well, I was sure it had flown out, but alas it was just sitting inside the elbow that connects the pipe to the fixture. It stayed there for the rest of the day and night, then in the morning reemerged in the fixture, just as desperate to get out. It then became clear that we had to rescue it. It was a nice fat starling, and as it was released, chirped its thanks, and flew off, none the worse for the time stuck in the pipe.

I also want to mention that the lyrics to Bob Dylan’s song The Times They Are A-Changin’ are really quite interesting in light of what Jeanne is saying. You can read them at this link: The Times They Are A-Changin’