A Shift in the Process

Dear Readers of Jeanne’s Messages,

In an effort to enact a change, a shift out of the comfortable habit of the daily channeling process, whereby I ask Jeanne a question, or allow her to speak on whatever she would like to bring up, we would like to open up to you, The Readers, to ask questions. We are excited to offer this opportunity for your involvement in the channeling process and in this energetic shift. When I asked Jeanne, earlier today, if she liked this idea this is what she said:

“Energetically speaking it is a very good idea, though I do intend to continue teaching what I know. So be prepared for what I may say if you do not feed me questions of value for evolutionary growth. That is my intent, and so that is what the questions should focus on. That is all that really matters, so I might dismiss some of your queries if they do not suit my mission, or address them only with the briefest of nods. So, yes, I find that idea interesting. I await the questions, and I await my answers too! Ha ha!”

We invite you to submit questions regarding, as she says, evolutionary growth. They will be presented to Jeanne in the order they arrive, but if they are deemed too personal we will have to, unfortunately, pass them by, or perhaps save them for another time. We look forward to evolving the process and seeing where this brings us. Please advise whether you would like your first name mentioned in the question and posted on the website, or asked anonymously. Send your questions via email to: jan@riverwalkerpress.com

Thank you for participating!