#281 Rock of Awareness

Dear Jeanne,
Can you give us some guidance today?

Look forward now, not only to the change of season, but the new winds of energetic change as well. For now is the time of change and shift about to take place in a most notable fashion, for all to see and benefit from. Awareness must come into play now, and become your beacon, your light, and the place of focused return when you wander off on adventures upon that planet. Remind your self often to return to awareness. By doing so will you gain in understanding, in concentrated efforts, but mostly will your awareness offer you the seeds to truly trusting the gifts you are given.

This is a time of gifts, but the gifts that arrive, borne on such winds of change, may not be clearly understood. This is a time of complicated, yet complementary change. It will aid you greatly, this shift, subtle and unclear though it may be. Seek always a return to your own awareness, your current understanding of the self, with its familiar feel and clarity, but do not intend to stay there. Use your current awareness of the self as an anchor, a rock upon which you rest as you take adventures out into the waters of life, swimming forth to your resonant adventures, then back again to rest upon your rock of awareness. Trust this process, for it will aid you as you continue to grow, but still maintain awareness of your anchor. This will also aid you in remaining in balance, a foot in two worlds, so to speak.

This is a time of adventure, new growth, new opportunity, and the blossoming of new awareness. Do not waste this offering that is being presented, but dare the self to take advantage of the energy that comes to assist you in your work on the self. Watch the world around you begin to wake from its long winter slumber, and be guided by its show of unequal ability to regenerate, and live a new life, energetically rekindled, and freshly aware of all that is offered, as it soaks in the gifts that allow for growth.

This example is keenly presented each spring for all to see, and though it does spur a sense of wonder and awe at the profusion of energetic growth so does man often forget that he is but as simple an aspect of nature as the small weed upon the ground. Does that weed accept its gifts? Why yes, it does so, easily and readily, taking what nature offers, without doubt, or fear, or contemplation, but with full awareness that it is necessary. Man however often steps over what is freely offered, and thinks he can invent something far greater than what nature offers. Yet is there nothing grander! For everything that man attempts is but already found in the minutest molecules and particles, already present. To understand this is man’s greatest challenge, to allow nature to offer what it knows, to allow himself to trust that this is all that is necessary for life, and growth, evolutionary growth.

I do not mean that man should not continue to invent, or to test what he dreams about, but I do contend that he will find everything already present, though to truly see what lies before his eyes takes great awareness. To understand what truly matters in life also take great awareness, and this is the intent of these messages, to point out, again and again, what truly matters, what is to be trusted, noticed, utilized, and gained by living life upon that Earth.

So now, during this time of shift, and change, and growth, take the opportunity to feel the energy of this yearly event, this yearly awakening, and utilize the energy for your own growth of awareness. You too have the same energy that exists in nature inside your corpus humanus, vibrating, alive, and wishing to be recognized for what it truly is. It is energy! Don’t doubt it, and you will already have anchored your self to the perfect rock of awareness.

Swim out now into the sea of awareness, and see what else you can discover as you continue your adventure, taking advantage of all that is offered in nature as your guide. Oh, and pose this question to your self: What has happened to nature, now that man has invented so many things that do not abide by The Rules of Life and Change and Awareness. A shift to nature is more than necessary, or nature will be the one to shift mankind, in order to wake him up. Help the process in whatever way you think is appropriate, but have no doubt that an awakening is well underway. Be a part of it in the right way. Stick with nature. That’s my advice!

NOTE: Once again Jeanne refers to the 10 Rules of Life and the 10 Steps of Change, which I’ve already posted in the sidebar under Guidance. In 2005, I channeled A Guide to Awareness, which I know some of you have and which I intend to post on the website when I get a chance. This may be what she is referring to in today’s message as well. But I think she is just pointing out that we should be aware in general terms. Also as I am typing this up today the wind is howling around our house on the hill, and a bird has gotten caught in the vent pipe in the bathroom. I hear it struggling, and can just barely make out a wing when I look up through the fanlight. This happened once before, and when we tried to free it the bird flew back up the pipe and freed itself, so I am inclined to let it struggle and figure it out on its own. I guess the message is that the winds of change are indeed upon us, and we all have to figure out how to get out of that hole we are stuck in. So Good Luck, to all of you!