#280 Allow Your Own Inner Spirit to Speak Up With the First Truth

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have a message I can pass along to your readers to begin a new week?

Yes. I continue to request that practicality, in all matters, be the focus. Address your issues with pragmatism, and focus on getting the job done. For in the long run, is that the only means by which to truly evolve. Do you wish to remain stuck any longer? It takes effort on your part to execute The New Rules of Life and Change that I have been expressing. These rules of behavior and truth do not happen without your participation and energetic concentration. It is not easy to be a human being, but neither is it easy to be a spirit being. You have a choice though. Do you choose to remain a human being, or do you choose to fully embrace the other aspect of who you are, your energy side, and develop that?

It is not so unusual, that in spite of all that your spirit side offers, that many choose to remain human for many lifetimes more than is really necessary. To truly evolve beyond that Earth, and that encasement of human form, is the highest goal of all spirit energy forms. You are all comprised of spirit energy, and all have the potential to evolve into a very different kind of life, even while still present there, upon that Earth. Yet does it take considerable work in order to achieve such energy change. But first of all does it involve you challenging your self to accept the possibility that you can change, and then you must place your intent firmly upon such a path. A path of growth and focus on reaching spiritual awareness is available to each and every one of you.

Look outside of you for the signs and the help that is so readily available for you to begin to change. Trust that what is presented will not fail you, but continually lead you to your next lesson, but also your next sign of aid. Do not be discouraged, but remain always alert to what will come next to guide you on your way. For something will always appear to point you in the next direction, and offer you what you need.

If you are doing the work, I urge and encourage you to continue to stay the course. What is your next task? Whatever it is, trust that you will accomplish it because you are fully capable, and because all the help in the world is energetically available to you. If you are hemming and hawing about your big leap into truly doing the work on the self, maybe it is time to look at the aspect of the self that is holding you back. Is it fear? Is it the big baby? Is it the ego? Is it the past that holds you captive? Is it the untruths spoken by others that cannot release you? Is it underlying untruths that hold you captive? Now is the time, My Dears, to be brave and allow your self to experiment with the energy that is available for evolutionary growth and understanding.

So today, as you begin a new week, do I continue to push you to remain focused on your path. Allow your energy to guide you. Allow your own inner spirit to speak up with the first truth that must be addressed in order to pop you out of the hole you have stumbled into. Until you get your self out of that pothole, will you have some trouble with getting further along in your areas of growth and evolution. Look at all the possibilities before you, all the advantages, and all the most amazing experiences that you have yet to partake in. If you can only hoist your self up, and out of that place you have inhabited now for a little too long, then everything will change, as it should.

I offer a hand to you today, to all of you; to those I know, and those I don’t know. For I do know your energy, your spirit, and your evolutionary desire. It is not that far away from your grasp you know, neither my hand, nor your spirit. Just reach out, and offer your self the next step, the next shift, the next change, and you will get there. You will find my hand right there waiting for yours. And you’ll feel the warmth, and calm of my energy as we connect. Come on, I’m waiting.

NOTE: Once again, Jeanne points out The 10 Rules of Life and 10 Steps of Change that are in the sidebar on this channeling page under Guidance.