#279 Stay Within the Realm of Self

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have a Friday message for us as we go into the weekend?

Continue to discover your own energetic composition. Hone in on the feel of it, the vibration of it. Different from your outer self in the world, this energetic self inhabits your inner world, and is quiet, soft spoken, and pragmatic. It speaks in terms of knowing, rightness, and truth. It plays no games, nor does it tease, or lead you astray. It speaks only with awareness.

This is the aspect of the self to continue cultivating, listening for, and digging ever deeper for. This is the self who seeks your acceptance, your acknowledgment, your trust, and your appreciation. This inner self waits quietly, yet does it send you messages of awakening constantly. In your slumber do you hear its truths being spoken, yet in your dreaming state do you often fail to act upon its words of rightness.

In your slumber do you hear and take in all your truths, yet do you often disregard them when the time comes for them to be most meaningful and helpful. Often do you choose to disregard them if they clearly return at a most opportune time that does not suit your ego’s desires and wants. The ego self is your biggest foe. Do not blame others for the desires of your own ego, nor fault them for what you too have insatiable hunger for. Do not look outward when everything you need for evolution is inside you.

Continue your inner work, that directive is never going to change, for my messages do encourage and focus on this. Stay within the realm of self even as the energy rolls now into a new phase of discomfort, for it is time now for a new shift. Find your firmness upon your path. Travel it with pointed conviction, focused intent, yet do not despise the self for faltering, nor find the self at fault. If your intent is interrupted, disrupted, thwarted, do not blame the self or others, but simply acknowledge that it is so, and bring your self back again, with mature sobriety, to your path.

Find within the deep-seated ability to love, and warm this love, cupped in your own hands, so that it may feel nurtured and prepared for the journey ahead. This love must you learn to use for the self now, placing it tenderly in your heart center, breathing life into it, and allowing it to be nurtured and protected for the new phase you are preparing for. This new phase is the continued journey of the self, the inner self, perhaps so distant, barely a shadowy figure on the horizon of your unconscious. Or perhaps the inner self is very well known to you, a familiar figure, a voice heard often. Awaken now to the fact that this inner self has a voice of awareness, and a glowing heart full of love meant for you. This glowing heart contains all the energetic connections you will need for your journey ahead, with filaments of energy that extend beyond you, reaching into the universe, where reciprocal energy awaits reception.

Focus on this heart-centered inner loving self this weekend. Bring this self forward now, gently and tenderly, to partake more fully in your life and your world. Urge this self forward to join you. Ease that ego over a little on the seat of your vehicle, making room for this warm aspect of the inner self to sit beside you and help you steer. Place your hand in its hand, and together now drive onward, with truth on your tongue, awareness in your heart, and love for the self seeping in to your environment.

Abide by The Rules of Life and Change. Breathe your Heart-centered Breath. Allow the inner self to meet the outer self, for close companionship on your journey that is totally resonant and right. Act from this place, this joined self, maintaining balance and truth. Find your way with all that you have now before you. But keep your eyes open for what comes next. You never know what it might be, but if you keep your eyes open, and your awareness keen, you won’t miss it. Opportunity awaits; don’t miss it, My Dears, for it seeks to aid you, and bring you further along on your journey.

NOTE: When Jeanne says: “Abide by The Rules of Life and Change. Breathe your Heart-centered Breath,” she is referring to previous messages. Excerpts regarding these elements are in the sidebar on this channeling page under Guidance.