#278 Know Always That Wholeness Awaits

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have guidance to offer us today?

Remind your self that underlying everything is there purpose. There is purpose for your life, your situation, your predicament, and there is reason for all that you encounter. Know that as you follow your path, as you learn awareness, and begin to trust that your life is as it should be, so will the underlying truths be revealed. You will see that everything will work out, as it should. You will see that one thing has led to another, and then to another. You will see that you are where you are because you need to be there.

As you trust your journey, so will you discover that life holds no secrets, but instead constantly reveals everything to you, but your awareness does not catch all the signs that are presented. Accept your place in life, where you are now, who you are now. Begin a new process of total awareness that you are so right for now. This is who you should be. This is where you should be. But most of all, accept that this life is necessary; and with these insights begin to allow your self to make your journey now with greater acceptance.

As you accept your self and your place in life, allow your self to also accept the fact that this is what you need now in order to complete your life, in order to evolve. So, once again, I challenge you. Do you want to fight it, strain against every aspect of your life, every nuance that appears to lead you on your proper path, making your journey one of struggle and constant conflict? Or do you choose to accept and flow, with the knowledge, always inside you, that all will be as it shall be, and that this journey is utterly meaningful?

Are you sad today? Why? Feel your sadness. Find out why you hold it inside you. Investigate it thoroughly, but even so keep in mind that it is probably necessary to have that sadness. Even if it is related to the big baby self, or the ego self, so must you investigate, to understand the truth of it. Once you have discovered its truth, then allow your self to release it, to understand where it is attempting to lead you next; and then allow your self to accept the fact that it is just one more step on your journey to wholeness.

Know always that wholeness awaits. Know that conclusion awaits; that fulfillment and life completion await. Know at all times, that every step is leading you to the truths that you must encounter. Every step, every incident in your life is meaningful, meant to urge you on your journey. Though you may be greatly challenged, keep in mind that the greatest challenges are also your greatest gifts. This is what you must retain as you encounter your daily life upon that planet: that what you are presented with is offering you growth and evolution.

You all have the potential to take a journey of awareness, with conscious alertness, and with knowing of purpose. Everything will be fine, My Dears. Trust me. It always is, it always will be and most of all, it always works out for the best. Flow with what life presents, but flow with active participation and you will do very well. See what this day holds that will send you on a new aspect of your travels through life.

Maintain your calm; your balance; your steadiness; straddling two worlds, each one equally real, and equally full of gifts that are equally necessary for your growth. Keep evolving! I love you all!