#277 Live and Learn

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have a message today?

Do not pause in your efforts to grow, evolve, and continuously change. Life needs and desires change, for without it would there be no life, no rejuvenation, no forward movement, but only stagnancy that would soon die down into lifeless hopelessness and boredom. Without change is there little opportunity to shift, and to achieve experiences that are meaningfully necessary but best of all, enlightening.

Live and learn, as they say. That is actually a very good mantra to use as a reminder that life is meant for learning, with the result that as you learn, so will you grow, change, and eventually evolve, with clear awareness of the meaning of life and the universe. Use your energy for change. Use that energy that we have discussed now, for certain and lasting change in your own life. Even if you have not achieved an understanding of what it means to be energy, so allow your self to perceive your self as energy. If you shift your thoughts away from thinking of your self in old terms, such as gender, weight, looks, and dispense with old judgments about the self, so can you free your mind, releasing it just enough to take on an energy perception. Think instead of human weight, and tensile feel of skin, and bones, and shape of your self, as pure energy.

I am wind. I am water. I am night. I am day. I am energy. I am sunlight. I am fire. I am but the essence of thought, and the breath of life. I am energy.

Take away your head. Take away your body. Take away your old perceptions of the self. Be energy. Allow your self to feel only energy, only molecules vibrating into a shape that is you. And look at another person in your life and imagine them as pure energy too.

Even if you cannot conceive of this, or get your self to a place of total acceptance of this idea, so do I request that you begin to allow it to play around in your head, a new idea that, by its very presence, may get you thinking in a new way, and eventually will you be able to free your self into energy thinking.

Allow your self to live and learn about life differently now. Allow your self to find solace in the fact that everything is energy. In this manner may you find lightness of heart and temperament, and this alone may aid you in shift and change.

I do not encourage more, for this day, than continuous exploration with perceptions of energy, thoughts of energy, and experimentation with your own energy. And please, have fun doing it! You will be opening many doors to healing practices, energy practices, and evolutionary practices.