#276 It’s All About Energy!

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have a message of guidance today?

Energetically speaking, of course I have a message! I continue to inform of, and promote, a new way of perceiving every thing. That is part of the mission I am on. Yet am I also asking all of you to be participants in this mission not only by accepting new ideas, but also by acting upon them. Learn to use your own energy differently now. As the energy outside of you does continue its own energetic whirl, sweeping in as a tremendous windstorm, stirring up your attachment to it simply by its presence and your notice of it, so do I ask that each of you remain innerly stable and calm. Experience your selves differently now, as pure energy, as I have spoken of often, and you will begin to see that what I promote and suggest is not as farfetched as at first perceived.

With concerted effort in learning how your own energy feels and works, is it possible to begin having experiences of energy in your daily lives. This should become commonplace, and then will things really begin to change. As I repeatedly say, all of this takes inner work, inner centering, and inner balance. These things are not hard to do if you determine that nothing else is quite so important as remaining stable and calm. For then do you enable your self to proceed through your life in a very different manner, not only quietly focused, but also energetically resonant. You will find your way through life with a greater ease, as your resonance radar will be highly alert and well tuned. Your enthusiasm for life will take on a new surge, and your days will be filled with energy of the best sort, your own.

So this is your task now, to begin experimenting with your own energy every day, from your quiet heart-centered place. As you spend more time in this place of personal energy will you discover that it becomes easier and easier to place your self there, and you will also find that you have endless reserves of energy.

You will actually begin tapping into the energy of infinity. You will gain access to tastes of what is to come. As you trust your experiences and get to know the feel of pure energy coursing through you, so will you understand all that I speak of. It’s all about energy you know, the whole kit and caboodle! All the questions you could ask in the world could be answered with a simple, astutely understood proclamation: “It’s all about energy!

Continue your work on focusing your own energy inward. Pull your forces of intent inward as often as possible throughout your day. Keep your focus on calm, balance, and heart-centered breathing. Keep your feet gently, but firmly upon your earthbound path, but unite with your energetic reality, and ask for experiences that will lead you where you need to go. Ask for experiences of energy so you can really understand it. Watch for the signs that will come to show you what I mean when I speak of this most common aspect of all of you. You are all energy, yet do you doubt or elect to dismiss this idea rather than flow with it? I ask you to drop your prejudices, and just go for the experience of it. See what happens as you let the magic of energy into your life. You may just have to accept a new reality.

Don’t be afraid, My Friends. Its all about letting go of the old self and accepting a new self, and what could be wrong with that. Can’t imagine it? Caught with the thinking of the old self? Don’t want to give up your current ways? Too comfortable in your present state? Don’t want to do the self-work? Well, I can only keep suggesting that you allow, trust, look for the signs of resonance, have some amazing experiences of your own energy, and then decide what’s important to you. There is so much that awaits! Have a great day. Get energized!

NOTE: Just as we perceive interfering, outside, energy as it catches our attention, or sneaks in to disturb us, drawing us in to experience it, we should be equally available to resonant, positive, energy. Jeanne is asking us to accept it into our lives, as easily as we accept negative energies. In my own experience of having worked with Jeanne now for the past six years, I can attest that what she says really works. At one point, some years ago, I was experiencing a lot of negatives in my life. Finally I’d had enough. One day I just said, “No more bad things! I will now only accept good in my life!” And almost immediately things started to change. But it was my decision to shift my own energetic intent that did it. I still had to deal with life and what I was presented with, but my entire approach changed. I didn’t take on the negatives as meaning that I was doing things wrong, but that I was in fact doing everything right. Anyway, I thought this idea might be of some help.

I hope you are all doing well in your travels!