Thought You Might Like to Watch This!

Dear Readers of Jeanne’s Messages,

I thought this amazing account of a person who experiences herself as total energy might be interesting to those of you who have been reading and studying Jeanne’s messages. It is what Jeanne is talking about, what she is trying to teach us: that we are all energy, and that we can access it by our intent. In fact, when I channel I am in a state of left brain shut down, no ego in the way, at least during those moments. Deep trance work can get you to a similar state, hypnosis, meditation, etc., if you can allow your self to surrender to the experience, detaching from the chatter in your mind. This woman didn’t have a choice, she was forced to surrender, but she did it so exquisitely, and of course she went about as far as you can go and still return. I would say that as a result of her awareness of her situation she now has found her purpose in life. Pretty neat, and it’s very enlightening.

Thanks to Pat for making me aware of it. I hope you enjoy it!