#272 Accept Entry into Your Own World of Truth as a Warrior Does

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have a message I can pass along to humanity today?

Be conscious now of your selves in two worlds, that of the every day reality, and that of your spirit. Maintain your balance, even during times of stress, transition, and abrupt and unexpected change. Much that is unforeseen will come now to interrupt the flow that you seek to inhabit and maintain. This is inevitable; so keep that in mind as you maneuver your way through the energetic turbulence that does seek to enlighten you. For that is the purpose of turmoil, you know. It seeks to wake you up and guide you in a new direction.

Do not allow it to thwart you from your direction, or pull you off your path of spirit, for that is its biggest challenge and desire and, if it succeeds in doing that, so will it feast upon you for many days. Watch your self. Remind your self that, although attempts in the world around you to keep truths hidden, and to promote falsehoods will continue, so will those attempts begin to fail, and life, as you know it around the world, will begin to fall and eventually collapse under the unstable structures that have been falsely constructed. You will discover that governments have offered plans of solidity that are nothing more than card houses. Watch how a mere puff of truth revealed will knock them down, as if a tornado had whirled through. Although this destruction is coming, do not lose faith in the new regimes that hope to follow such utter destruction. For there is much hope embedded in the true hearts of many who seek only good stability, and speak in terms of reality with blatant truth on the tongue.

In your personal lives, is it of utmost importance that you continue your work on disengaging from the desires of the ego. For the ego is the root cause of destruction to come, economic, environmental, and societal. This may appear gradually, or it may come with a mighty blow, but it is up to those who are aware to listen to the voice of truth that says: This was inevitable!

In your own life, look for reflection of devastation in areas where this knocking down of houses of untruths is necessary. Accept entry into your own world of truth, as a warrior does, with bravery, with your impeccable inner spirit taking the first step through the door that the winds of change blows open for you. For although you may wish to look outside of you for all signs of what I speak of, so also know that this time of change is meant for you, specifically. Each and every person upon that Earth now, during this grand time of culmination and shift, is being asked to go innerly, and dismantle the remains of your inner battle grounds, resolve your issues, and work now towards becoming impeccable warriors of inner change. With your intent placed firmly on your inner work will the change happening outside of you but mirror your inner work. It will guide you if you allow it to reflect your inner discoveries and your inner conflicts. Watch the outer world for what you must do in your inner world. That is how to utilize the energy of now.

Maintain your normal lives. Do not attempt sudden change simply out of fear, but allow your inner work to notify you when it is time to change. Do not listen to others, for that is what has gotten you in to such a state of turmoil. Disenfranchise your self from the Status Quo, and you may have greater opportunity to see and hear the truth beneath the lies now being propagated.

As you remain focused on your ego work, so will you begin to understand how the world has arrived at this place in time because of ego-driven enterprises and desires for power. As truths outside of you are revealed more and more over the coming months, look for breakdown within your own ego, and accept, with gratitude, all that is revealed. This shedding of old guards at the doors of your flimsily constructed house of cards will allow for fresh air to blow through, and aid you in your growth.

Your house of cards may be coated with quite a strong barrier, allowing it to be strong and sturdy for many years, but underneath, if you read what is written on the cards, will you discover that they were not written by you, but by others; and they are not true anymore, though they may have held up for quite a long time. As the hard crust of lacquer chips off those cards, and you see clearly what is really written there, so will you also see that what you thought were strong walls of concrete are but thin walls of lies and untruths that you no longer need or accept. Instead of reading and speaking your old scripts about your self, live fully your new truth-speaking spirit self now. Live this true self to the fullest, and offer this aspect of you to the world.

As many of you do offer your changed energetic selves to the energy around you, so do you offer the opportunity for that change to spread far and wide, and it will have impact, especially if you remain focused on change at all levels, and actually accept that you are different now, your world is different, and the world around you desires to be different as well. Your energy affects all other energy. Keep this in mind at all times as you continue to do your work.

Don’t you see how the energy of those in power affects you on a personal level? Is that not example enough of energetic persuasion? Take back your own power of energy now, and shift into energy of awareness, and use it for change, for good, and for growth of self, and of planet. Thank you for participating in this message of change. It is all I ask of you, My Dear Friends and Companions, to please take this journey of change with me. You will not regret it for a moment! I love you all for your bravery, your trust, and your gentle hearts. Go and do the work of your inner warrior, and allow this new self to emerge, more fully present in now!

NOTE: Although this at first appears to be a rather alarming message, Jeanne is asking us to turn our attention always to our inner work, even though she is also stressing the crumbling of the outer world, as we now know it. I channel most often from visual images. I experience almost movie-like pictures, very clearly, that translate automatically, without conscious thought, into words on the page. Today, the two visuals that I saw most poignantly, over an over again, were the house of cards fluttering into a dustless heap, and auras, our own energy surrounding us, going beyond our physical bodies. If you have watched the talk given by Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor that I posted last night, you may gain a clearer perspective on what your own energetic field, or aura, really means as related to all other energy around you, since she explains it so well in her description of her disintegrating physicality. So although today’s message may set off a lot of stressful wonderings about the truth of the inevitable in the world outside of us, it also reminds us to feel, protect, and be concerned about our own energetic output. By focusing on our inner work, listening to our own truths, we open the door to a greater awareness of ourselves as energetic beings, allowing for the collapse of the left brain and the opening up to the incredible offerings of the right brain, as Dr. Jill so eloquently describes it. I hope my comments are helpful.

Keep turning inward.

Most Affectionately,