#273 Do Not Become Fodder for Energy Drains

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have a note of guidance for today?

Do not get caught by what swirls around you. Do not take it in to your energetic being, for then will it not only inhabit your inner space, but it will also drain you of much needed inner calm energy. You need that energy in order to do your work upon the self; so do not expend it by giving it away to the first buyer. Your energy is necessary for you alone. It is not to be used to fuel others, nor is it a commodity to trade upon the Stock Market, where crows and vultures sit and wait for slip ups in your awareness. Do not become fodder for energy drains. Do not allow your attention to slip from your focused footpath. Watch where you place your feet, where you lay your eyes, and who you speak to now. For energetically, is there a rash of hungry beings in human form, and in energy form, who are seeking to take advantage of the flurry of activity that precedes a great change. This is the energy of now. Change is upon that Earth, sweeping in, and the time of now is the bristling energy that knows there is little time left to make a killing before a great collapse.

Do not get involved in such energy, for it will rip your calm from you and send you skyrocketing, only to fall spinning to Earth at a later date. There is no gain in such frenzy, only insatiable greed that will neither find its hunger satisfied nor will it store anything for later, but leave merely dry bones in its wake. This is certainly not the time nor the energy to gain anything from. But it is the time to turn your back, and stay protecting your inner truths from those seeking tasty morsels of energy.

Do not allow greed, in any form, to enter your field. Protect the energy you now own, as you would protect your own innocent child from harm. Maintain your awareness of the energy around you at all times. Keep in your knowing that it is dangerous to engage in, but also keep in your knowing that it seeks your participation. So be careful!

This time of energy hunger, and subsequent energy drain, will remain until it has spent its own burst of frenzy. This will happen outside of you, but you may feel the reverberations in your own life, and in your inner work. Continue to turn inward, and engage in that energetic work, rather than turn outward and engage in that hunger, for if you do then will you too suffer collapse, and that, My Dears, is neither necessary nor truly helpful. At all times, stay focused. Go innerly, and avoid the distractions that may present themselves as utterly enticing. Believe me, they are anything but!