#274 Your Heart Speaks its Steady Quiet Truth, Always

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have guidance to offer us today?

As always, I suggest steadiness upon your path. Look always for your energetic resonance as you wander and wonder. Do not get embroiled in the world around you. Note it, reflect upon it, but use it to guide you in your own endeavors towards growth and culmination of lives. Your mission remains always to stay alert to the energy around you so that you may use it to your greatest advantage, even as it may draw you to itself, asking you to jump in to its enticing and perceptually delightful environment. But as always must you determine your reception and engagement of it from your inner heart-centered place. This is the place of resonance and guidance, and also the place of truth and awareness.

It is your job to learn how your own spirit, your own heart-centered, true voice speaks to you. Listen to it more often, rather than the conscious mind, which seeks to engage you with its loud, overbearing chatter. Far better to take off your head than to ignore your heart, for the head is but a distracter, while your heart speaks its steady quiet truth, always.

Even as I have warned in these past days, about the frenzy of energy, the gluttony of insatiable greedy hunger for aspects of that world better left alone, so do I continue, in the coming days, to repeatedly warn avoidance of such energy. This is a time of culmination, as the energy continues to build and build. Eventually will the inevitable release happen. Where will you be then? Prepared for it, by your steadiness, your heart-centered calm balance? Or will you be caught up in the unfruitful energy of it that will end up in pieces at your feet?

I do not warn against resonant energy, resonant progress, and resonant enthusiasm, but I do warn against discordant behaviors and energy drains. This it now your challenge in the coming days and months, as much energy does approach you on a daily basis seeking your attention. Can you decipher where to proceed, how to proceed, and where your energetic placement will yield good and viable results? That will continue to be the challenge as you continue your inner work, seeking always heart-centered resonance, finding your essential truths, that long lost resonance that you have always been seeking. It is within reach at all times. You just have to be aware of it. Then once you find it, and understand the feel of it, the feel of your own calm knowing balance, once you hear your truths clearly spoken, and accept them, then will it be up to you to continue, with your resonance guiding you, your heart-centered radar honing in on the proper energetic direction.

Remain cognizant, at all times. Allow and trust, allow and trust, allow and trust. Those words will aid you as you go. And as you allow your self to venture always onward, will your trust build as you have experiences of resonance and understand, not only how you are being guided, but also how you are able to continuously prosper and grow, if you remain in the right resonance.

So, turn it on, tune it up to a good hum, and send your self on a heart-centered journey, My Friends! And be brave about it, as you see what happens next. Life and energy await! And there is more than enough to go around, especially of the right sort!