#271 Allow Your Ego Dismantling to Proceed Now

Dear Jeanne,
What message do you have for us today?

Continue your heart-centered work on the self, for this is the means to change. Do not get too drawn by the foibles of the world around you, or the rants of those in power who seek but more power. Disturb not your quiet reverie, but remain aware that work on the self will lead to greater accord in the world outside of you. For how can the problems of the world be solved if the individual does not understand the meaning of truth as related to the core of the self? There will not be compromise until there is total access to truth. This is true for the self, and this is also true for the world.

It is by no means a simple task to access truth, nor is it easily accepted once it is revealed. All of this involves work that may not be quite as easy as you think. Do not become discouraged, but trust your journey of self-exploration, and accept your truths as they are revealed to you. You know they are true, yet do you resist them. But that will only hold you back. You are not supposed to be in competition with your self, or another. You are there in order to grow, and to evolve into spirit energy. How will you be able to achieve this, if you constantly compete with those closest to you, and if you refuse to accept the greater truths that are constantly being revealed to you as you do your inner work?

Does it hurt so to accept your faults, your failings, and your frailties? Yes, I know it does, but once you accept them are you allowed to move on to learning something new. Otherwise will they remain to bother you, and get in the way more often until you finally acknowledge their presence and own them, knowing they are true. Perfection does not exist, within the human form; so don’t even think that you are near perfect. No one is! All of you have work to do, and I urge you to continue doing this work of the self.

Abide by The Rules of Life as I have laid out before. Abide by your own new rules of living a simple life, or as simple as you possibly can, depending on your circumstances. Do not judge the efforts of others. Do not disturb your own work by looking at what others do, but remain turned inward, and let others do their own work without your interruption, your energetic attention turned upon your self and not upon others. Do not waste your energy by getting drawn too far outside of you.

If you look at another and find their actions disturbing, if you find that you judge others more often than not, then is it time to turn the cameras on your self, and look for those qualities you judge in others in your self. For you will truly find them alive and kicking inside you as well. This is how you learn what your trials and your inner turmoils are, by noticing them first in others. Do you see laziness, greed, gluttony, meanness, and self-righteousness in others? Do you see stupidity, loss of trust, and downright blindness in others? Well, look for those qualities in the self, for they most surely exist.

Allow your ego dismantling to proceed now in this questioning, mirroring manner. Study your disgust of others, the disturbing activities all around you that bother you so heartily, then turn inward, and truthfully find those same aspects in the self. This is brave work to do. This is work that asks you to admit to every human frailty within the self, rather than assign it to others you deem more appropriate. Do not judge others unless you are ready to judge your self for the same act.

This process will enable you to further tear down the walls of the ego. This process will offer access to the truths of the self, and will also allow for your innocence to emerge as you shed the weight of the world’s problems and allow your own bare, essential, and honest truths to be fully revealed and honored, as part of the self. Cleanse your self of your need to look for your problems in others. Turn the mirror upon your self, and look in it squarely, with open eyes, and ask the person before you, “Who am I?” You have yet to find out who you truly are. This is always so, for work on the self is an endless process, not toward perfection, but toward truth. And that, My Dears, is what I suggest you remain focused on, at all times. Do not flagellate or abuse the self. That is not proper, or kind to do, no matter what is revealed. Respect the self at all times for the journey thus far taken. Absolve the self of all uncomfortable truths as they are revealed, without compromise. Then, with full acceptance of the role you have played, move on with that truth in your pocket, a reminder of your journey, and a reminder of your imperfections. For you too have had your trials and your tribulations, and they are but reminders that you are on a human journey now, and you are subjected to experiencing all the human properties in order to learn, and to evolve.

Continue to learn from the mistakes you make. Continue to learn from the questions you pose to your self. Continue to seek clarity of self, and purpose for that life you now live. But remember, your purpose may not be fully revealed until you have cleared the path to the truths that lie blocked and, as yet, unrevealed. Good Luck! Much awaits. That I can attest to!

NOTE: The Rules of Life, mentioned above, are in the sidebar on this channeling page under Guidance.