#270 Practices in Ego Detachment

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have a message for all of us today?

Continue to learn the difference between the inner self and the outer self; the spirit driven self, and the ego driven self. Who is making your decisions? You are seeking to become spirit driven; your decision center to become your heart center; and your outer ego self to become formed and prepped for less participation in matters of importance as related to your journey through life. Of course, as always, I state that, yes, your ego is absolutely necessary for life upon that planet, but it is also not necessary in many ways for survival of another sort. Your destiny is not to enlarge the ego, but to enlarge the spirit self, so that your decision making center shifts to this place of right knowing. This will enable your actions to become actions of heart, and of heart knowing, driven by spirit, and with intent of purpose directed from this inner center of calm and clarity.

Determine, and question, who speaks most often, your ego or your inner self? Become aware of who is your guide these days as you attempt to gain balance in your life. Who do you allow to be heard most often? Who do you pay attention to? And who do you follow with your actions and your deeds?

Detachment from the desires of the ego is the next step in your awareness training. I have spoken often of this aspect of the self, yet have I perhaps not asked for great effort to seek detachment from this big self. It takes a lot of work to detach from the desires of the ego. For the ego is hungry, both literally and metaphorically, for much that the world around you offers. It is focused on all the goodies, and all the riches, yet does it not see what the spirit sees, and this you must keep in mind. For the ego sees only what is right before its eyes, and only what it can touch, taste, and smell. But it cannot find its way to what the spirit sees and knows is also right there before its eyes.

When I ask for detachment in order to enhance your spiritual experiences upon that Earth, do I ask you to release your self from the desires of the ego. Begin to realize that survival upon that planet now requires this of you, but so does spiritual growth require this. Simplicity is now called for, as life changes greatly. You will discover, soon enough, that your practices in ego detachment will serve you well in the coming months as the world goes through some great changes.

There will be plenty of opportunity to practice detachment of ego, but why not get a head start by preparing for what is to come. Do not only simplify your life in a physical and proprietary manner, but do so in a spiritual manner as well. You do not need to be so attached to the greedy wants of the ego. Of course, I speak of ego greed in relative terms, for all of you do not have big greedy egos in the sense of over doing any thing, yet do you have egos that are focused on that world in some manner, and this is what you must seek to calm down.

The ego must begin to learn calm complacency in a world that is changing. The ego must learn that it is not the most important aspect of the self, but only a partner on a journey that is ultimately about spirit. The ego is necessary and important, especially in the early years of life as it learns how the world works, but eventually is it time to shift it to the back seat of your vehicle as you allow your spirit self to take over. It is time now to shift in many ways. Begin by using a new fuel in your vehicle. Allow your spirit self to determine what is most appropriate for its needs. Your vehicle does not need to be so big and cumbersome because you do not need to transport a big ego around anymore, nor does the world support such ego driven vehicles anymore either. Allow your spirit driven vehicle to become your focus now. Allow your innocence, and your balanced self to determine how you will drive, what you will drive, and who will drive. Of course I mean this metaphorically, but also I mean this literally! Get it?

Seek a new balance. Understand how your ego speaks to you. Listen to what you want, and what you spend your time on, your money on, your leisure on. Then determine who it is who runs your life, your decision making, and your desires. Is the ego most often in control? I know this is the biggest challenge in that life to get a handle on and gain balance on because the ego is so necessary, yet is it not, and this you must find out for your self.

So today, I advise questioning the ego self. Do this all day. As you find out who really drives your vehicle, your self, so will you discover just how much of the world you need to engage in. You will then be able to determine what is most important for your life to be pleasant, comfortable, profitable, and enjoyable, yet also spiritually centered and balanced. With the ego in the back seat will things begin to change. If you can do this on an individual level, and make changes in your own life that are based on a new reality, so can things in the world around you begin to change. Imagine if everyone practiced ego detachment, and acted from a place of balanced spirit self. Then things could really change. There would be quite a lot that would be different as all that the ego sees would disappear from view, and with new eyes would emerge new sights and new opportunities. Imagine the possibilities that life would offer then. Everything would change environmentally, politically, economically, and creatively, as the worldview would be totally different.

So, it might not be such a bad idea to question the ego self more often now. Begin a new trend in ego deflation, and see how that affects worldwide inflation. You might be surprised at the solutions you come up with to solve some of the world’s problems if you can shift your decision making center to your heart, for your self and your community.