#269 Open the Doors of Your Trusting Heart

Dear Jeanne,
If you were to follow up on yesterday’s message, what would you advise us to do today?

Though you may read and forget the greater part of my messages, for as each day arises do I pass along new information, so do not forget the most basic of principles as you take this evolutionary journey you are now on. Do not forget to reassert your self upon your path each day, and even often throughout your day, if that is necessary. Remind your self each day that this life you now live is your awakening life. Remain steadfastly committed to growth, inner growth. Solve the riddles of who you are now first; and then solve the riddles of who you once were, in previous lives, so that your greater journey may be fully comprehended, and your life now may be integrated into your evolution. But this time, take your journey with a new awareness. For even as Buddha did take his journey with awareness, so did he offer himself the opportunity to evolve, finally. The greatest teachers upon that Earth did and do attain the attainable. By this I mean, that what may seem impossible for you to do is, of course, possible. As I repeatedly say: Everything is Possible! By this I mean Everything! Do not place the self too far below the great teachers, but do not either place the self beside them. Remove the debilitations of the ego, and simply live a life that is aware, seeking, and unafraid to take the journey you have presented to your self.

You are fully capable of attaining what others have attained, for your greatest instructors have been but men and women like your selves. If I, as Jeanne Marie Ketchel, could solve my earthbound cycle, so can any of you. I was not anyone special, nor was I especially confident of my abilities. Always though, did I seek mastery of all that I chose to engage in. Certain things resonated so deeply that I could not dismiss them from my life, but had to engage them or I would have remained unfulfilled.

Even as I often chose to partake in activities and decisions not necessarily conventional, so was it with purposes of growth, and I knew my choices fully resonated with my energetic self. Too often do you dismiss the energetic self who speaks up and pushes you to do something unusual, or out of the ordinary. But it is time to listen to that inner self who knows!

If you will listen now, not with your head and your ears, but with your heart, so will you understand what your inner self is trying to say to you. Achieve your lifetime goal, this time around, by paying attention to the inner voice most fully engaging in a seeking life; and also by allowing, and trusting, that the guidance is available for you as you take your journey.

If you remain open to the suggestions of your knowing inner spirit, and keep your innocence available to you, so do you offer your self good grounding for this journey you are so eager to take. But you must remember, at all times, but especially when things get tough, that you are on a journey; that you are being offered help along the way; that it is important to flow with what life offers and, most of all, it is most helpful to open the doors of your trusting heart and allow your self to fully take your journey, seeking your resonance as you go.

Remember, your resonance is heart-centered, and heart-guided. It may surprise you because often your resonance has not been felt before or heard before; and where it points you may be absolutely unexpected, but equally undeniable. Open your heart now to the experiences of your life. If you have kept the door to your heart-centered energy closed and locked, now is the time to unlock it, and push open the door. Feel the energy of this most vital organ begin to resonate with that energy, that vibratory energy I spoke of yesterday. Feel it stirring, and allow it to come awake and alert now more often. Allow it to point out your way. Allow it to take you where you have not dared to go. Allow it to take you to the unexpected places where life, energy, and the opportunity for evolutionary growth await. But most of all, trust this organ, this heart, that hums and vibrates your inner song, the song of the spirit, of pure energy, and of the evolved you. This is your center; this is your true self of innocence and maturity. It is your guide and your teacher, but also your student who must begin now to have experiences of all that has been learned. The student who never leaves the classroom, to put the lessons to test, is but a student for life, rather than life itself. Become life itself! Go out now with your heart leading, and take on life in a different manner. Allow your heart to lead and guide. Listen to what it is saying, and where it is suggesting you should go. Allow your self this opportunity for growth.

Perhaps it leads you deeper into your self? Perhaps it dares you to go out into the world? Perhaps it pushes forcefully, or nudges gently? No matter how your heart urges you, so does it ask you to trust it, and to allow your self to accept the task it poses. For it does want you to grow, to evolve, and to fully complete your journey, but now with resonance as your guide. And that can only come from inside you. You know what you have to do. Go do it!