#220 The Energetic Conclusion is All Encompassing

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have a message for today?

Await conclusion, confirmation, and clarity now as the great shift does finalize in energetic confluence. There is no need to be alarmed, but do notice events, the inevitable fall of events, as they finally wind down, or wind up, as they should.

This time of great shift is in final stages now, and events will propel to a finish with things turning out to be as necessary. Find the meaning in everything. Look deep into the self for understanding and acknowledgment of truths so that you do not lose sight of future progress and growth. All will now unfold, as it should for progress and growth to ensue.

Watch what happens, but do not think that outside events will not affect you. This is a time when all events, major and minor, affect all who do reside upon that earth, for the energetic conclusion is all encompassing. Major shift is requested and major shift is required now. What does this mean in your own life? That is the question. Remain cognizant of your own place now even as you remain aware and alert to the energy that pushes for change. This is necessary for good growth to place you firmly on the proper path, and the world too.

See what happens around you, but do not sit back and neglect your own progress, for it is as important as the progress all around you, equally needed, and equally valuable no matter what you may think. Your own small shifts to change will affect the world. Keep this in mind, that the interconnectedness of all things has impact now as never before. So use this power wisely, for good, for compassion, and for love of all mankind, so that the shift carries forth new positive energy, making the change energetically cause a new wave of intent to wash over the people upon that earth, created by their own energy combined in positive intent and action. Be a part of it, or it may wash over you and drown you in regrets better left at the bottom of the ocean now. Time to ride the wave to a new energetic world of positive growth, focused on new ideas, new concepts, and new behaviors.

This is an extremely meaningful time. Participate in the energy of it for change in your own life, and you will be participating in changing the world!