#219 Do Not Worry About the Minutiae in Your Life

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have a message for humanity today?

Do not worry about the minutiae in your life. Set your sights on your goals of enlightenment and your forward path now. Change your thinking by shifting focus away from that which seeks to entrap you, and instead look outward, beyond that life, for future focus in infinity.

I do not advocate total removal from that life, nor do I advocate total immersion in infinity, for neither would create a balanced living pattern. But awareness requires the ability to flow in and out of both worlds, with foresight and the knowledge that life is leading you forward to the next life that awaits. So do not hesitate to flow, and do so by maintaining your focus of intent forward, to your evolutionary future, and in so doing fully living your earthly life with a renewable sense of being and purpose. To remain focused forward will inevitably lift you from the burdens of that life, enabling you to see them in a new light, with clear knowing that they are temporary, and thus manageable and doable.

Do not allow negative undercurrents of energy to steal your focus from your path. But strengthen your resolve to stay connected to the higher purposes in life and in future life. Unburden your self of the minutiae of life by remaining focused above, beyond, and beside the troubled world around you. Even as you live in it, so is it possible to flow easily with the energy and keep focused forward. This is all I have to say today. Let it be a day of awareness!