#218 A Time of Significance

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have guidance for us all today?

Continually abide by the rules you have set out for your self and those appropriate for a seeking life. Though times of energy do shift and swirl through your own energetic flow, affecting you, so is your strong commitment to growth your anchor. In spite of turbulence, do not lose connection to your path. This is what you must continue to focus on in this flourish of energy that does greet you now in this time of significance.

A time of significance now does mean that change is apparent throughout all of life upon that earth, and energetically reverberating elsewhere as well. Your lives are not isolated aspects of energy, but interconnected with all other life and all other energy. Keep this in mind as the rush of energy does knock you about, keeping you aware and alert in a manner that is fitting an evolutionary being. Question your circumstances, seeking always the underlying truth of direction, to discover where you are being led as you proceed on your journey.

Awareness of energy, at all times, is important, for this will aid you as you encounter opposing events and times of turmoil, which are inevitable given the climate and the need for change. Synchronicities abound, with great purpose, so do not get caught in regrets or sorrows, but seek to understand the bigger, most significant picture and the reasons for change. All change leads to growth, though this may not appear clear at first. Over the unfolding of time is all revealed. Each step of a journey is equally significant and has equal impact. So do not get thrown by the larger awakenings going on around you, but look for your own daily awakenings signaling your way and your truth.

Though great forces do now collide, though shake-ups are inevitable, look constantly for the utter clarity of truth beneath those forces and those events that may not at first appear to have rhyme or reason. All that unfolds does ultimately unfold for purposes of growth and evolution. Maintain evolution as your focus, and you will succeed in figuring out your own life and your own purposes as you travel your path.

So for today, catch the energy and use it wisely. Do not fall into old ways or debate with your self, but allow your new thoughts to emerge more fully and become tied to the energy of change that is upon you. Be forward thinking. Be growth-oriented. Be aware. Maintain your balance, and remain anchored to the truth of evolutionary growth as you seek clarity and purpose. Seek reason, but do so with heart-centered compassion and love, for the self and others, as you gain understanding of life and energy now in this time of great change. Stay on your path.