#215 Shift Your Questing Perspective Now

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have a message for today?

Nothing is inconsequential. Allow for experience, allow for truth to emerge, and trust to be granted and tested, but do not dismiss the ordinary signs that are daily placed before you. Learn to read them differently now. Stand back in your new place now and observe and live your life differently. You have learned a lot, absorbed a lot of new ideas and concepts, yet must you find a way to invite them to partake in your life now. Invite them in by shifting your questing perspective now. Do not look for what life offers you, but look to discover, from a new perspective with your new understanding of energy and of possibility, for life to unfold in a new manner now. Notice life unfolding differently now. It is only a matter of you changing your outlook, shifting your perspective, opening to possibility, and trusting that everything is possible.

Look now upon your past year with your new eyes, and your new heart, and then bring in your new understanding of life and energy, and discover that you have already perhaps been living life differently for quite a while. Do you wish for more change still? Well, request it, and you will be offered what you desire. But you will receive what you desire only if you know how to “see” what you are being offered.