#216 Focus Must Be Placed Ahead of You Now

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have a message for humanity today?

Watch your energy so that you do not fall into old habits. This is a time of shift, and focus must be placed ahead of you now, not behind. Remain alert to your forward movement. Keep your focus maintained on growth and expansion of awareness and consciousness, to include not only your own inner process, but awareness of the changing world outside of you as well.

Avoid old patterns of behavior, old tendencies, and traps of repetitive life styles that will keep you entrenched and stuck. For now is a time of change, and the expectation of the energy is that you will ride now upon this energy of change, using it to your advantage so that you enable your self to shift into, not only a new year, soon upon you, but also a new way of life. This is your opportunity to wind down your old ways, your manner of living, your habits, your desires, and unseat your self now from the old means of transport and of travel that no longer function, that no longer move you along on an evolutionary path.

Look now for new roads of growth, new means of travel, and new energy to fuel you on your journey. Break away from all that has been your binding and your captivation, and look for your inner strength to push you forward now into new life. Seek meaning now in your life, true meaning, based not on the world of the past, but on the changing world of the future. Be that future, now, as you shift your own life into a new phase, selecting carefully your means of living now with your spirit as guide. Question your every move based on your new rules of living and change.

Are you truly ready to evolve? If you are, now is the time to take a deep breath and flow with the energy that is there to aid you. Follow your truths, your heart-centered knowing, and stay in your energetic resonance now as the last days of one year fold into a totally new year of great change. If you elect to ride the energy of spirit resonance, and play a new game of life, so will you immediately experience what I mean by shift and change, into a new way of living, as the years do now overlap and intertwine, for a moment or two, before splitting apart. In that moment of conjugal energy is it time to solidify your direction and place your intent upon your desired future path.

A path of spirit is opening up. Will you select it, and the great changes it offers? Or will you slide back into the energy of old and ride that current yet a while longer? It is up to you. But I suggest you take it seriously, for the energy is ready to offer guidance and change, like no other time. And the undercurrent, predictable as it is, may bury you for a lot longer than you’d like, if you choose its familiarity. Look at what life offers you now? There is so much waiting to be discovered. Are you ready for change, or are you going to ride the same train, as it loops around the same track, yet another year or two? Change is available now, great change, but it is up to you to decide your future, and to take full responsibility for your decisions, and every move you make. Now that is really living and growing; deciding to take the evolutionary path by electing the path of determined focus, with total awareness, and the clarity of responsibility that will challenge and test you, but ultimately bring you to your own powerful spirit, quietly waiting to emerge.

Uncover that tender spirit now, and allow it to guide you on your journey. Allow it to be the captain, rather than the captive, and allow it to lead you where it is right and proper for you to go, in order to meet the energy of change as it swirls through the moment of shift. Your spirit will recognize it and guide you to make the choices that are right for growth, even as the world around you does now strongly exhibit signs of much needed change, signaling to all of you that it is inevitable. Why not make your move now, when everything is aligned to aid you. For if you wait, may your attempts be more difficult, but still not impossible. I suggest you all take this time of shift very seriously, and study it for your own progress, and be alert to what the world itself is suggesting is necessary. Change is here. Do you see it?