#214 Maintain Awareness of Interconnectedness With All Life

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have a message for humanity on this day of Christmas Eve?

Consider your self one being, in the flow of humanity that does now reside upon that earth, all interconnected by energetic force and compliance with the laws of nature that do course through you all. Maintain awareness of interconnectedness with all life now, as you go into your homes and your hearts for each other. Amid awareness of those who reside closest to you, do extend your awareness beyond your own doors now, and understand the larger container of earthbound energy.

All does not lie sweetly silent, but does, in fact, reverberate with great energetic force, resounding upon that earth with such magnitude, capable of awakening the slumbering, and alerting to the possibility of change and of evolution. With new awareness now in your hands, your eyes, your hearts, begin to shift to a new consciousness, even as the world around you asks for this shift as well.

There are many more now gathering, but what is the true reason for such gathering? Who holds forth true awareness now, and dares to present the first push in a new direction? Who dares to ask for simplicity of living, awareness of energy, and concern for all of mankind as never before? Who dares to rock the boat, and allow for upset, in order to create a new focus and a new desire for life? Place yourselves now upon your new paths, with your awareness honed, your consideration of energy and resonance of spirit as your guiding forces now. Desire change in your own life, creating a new world with your own intent.

Everything is Possible. Keep that mantra before your seeking eyes, and be aware of what comes to greet you in this time of gift giving and receiving. Your awareness, if you allow it, will present you with your own gifts of change. Focus now upon your inner gifts of knowledge, and acknowledge your small place in that vast world as being of importance, and significant for the evolution of all. Give your awareness, your energy, and your love now. That is all that matters.