#213 A New World Has Arrived

Dear Jeanne,
Wow, the week has gone by quickly. It’s Friday again already and the holidays are soon upon us. Do you have a message for this weekend?

Abide by the new rules of demeanor, and guide your selves through the coming days with foresight and intent upon progress. Your path lies waiting your discovery. Do not hide from that which attempts to aid you in your growth. Do not block the steps that appear to lead you where you need to go. Do not thwart your own spirit as it requests your participation in continued growth. For even as this season does approach and does tease with habits of old, so is this a new year, and new directives have become your habit now.

To remain in true spirit balance now must “simplicity” be your main mantra. As the holidays seek your attention, allow for a shift as you remind your self often of the new simplicity that is required by your seeking spirit self and the world at large now. There is little room for indulgence, but utter clarity, in the fact that there remain many ideals as yet uncovered that need attention, is necessary. Offer gifts of knowledge to your self often now. Remind constantly that the path is different, the world is different, the expectations are different. Change your own world now during this great time of shift, and enable further growth to take place before the New Year arrives.

Guard your energy, but give of it as well. Hide your intent from prying eyes, but reveal it in your outer being. Do not fall into old habits, but do remain active in your daily rituals of this season. Remain steadily balanced and seeking correction if you falter or get drawn into old places. Aid your self by recalling the new words of guidance to remind you to remain bathed in simplicity, focused, with your spirit invited to participate as never before.

Do not be afraid by the frightening turn of events that may shake the world as a great shift now takes place. Do not succumb to thoughts of flight or frantic notions of devastation, but take in what you have been learning, and know that this is what life is needing now. A great shift is imminent. How you react, now, is important. Do you flow with your calm spirit, so ready for growth? Or do you choose to return to old habits of behavior? Even a reluctant spirit offers growth, and progress can be made as you attempt to decipher meaning in seemingly meaningless events. But always is there a message.

Everything is meaningful. Everything is possible, and everything is part of a process of evolution. Do not forget these things. Your days may be quiet, with little blips of disturbance, or they may be nervous and agitated, with a great shift to rock your boat. But no matter how you react to the consequences of this time of shift, so maintain, in your awareness, that all is necessary. Whether but a seemingly small blip or a loud and shattering BOOM, so will a great shift occur. This I have no doubt about. Will you notice it taking place if your interference is of the quieter sort? Or will you run and hide if your shift arrives in loud overhead interference? Either way, you may miss the message, but think on it later, and follow your inner knowing. It will guide you to understand what my messages have sought to teach, that a new world has arrived, and life must be lived differently now, with awareness, and with truth, and with spirit pointing the way. It is inevitable.

Keep your awareness always in your pocket. Even as you enjoy your holidays, or if you are not the celebrating sort maintain always your vigilance of spirit awareness. Life seeks to teach even greater awareness; and we seek to aid you in being available to that awareness at all times. As shift takes place in your life, remember to shift your own awareness to wondering where the lesson is. And what is the meaning? And what step comes next? And what does this mean in the larger context of my journey and my evolutionary growth? It’s all about growing, learning, and journeying ever onward.