#212 Ten Steps to Becoming a New Citizen of Change

Dear Jeanne,
What is your message for today?

I am certain that most of you now upon that earth, no matter where you live, what country you call home, are aware of the changes taking place in the world around you. You are also greatly aware of the need for change in your own life. My mission is to enact change, first in each of you, and then far out into the world around you. As you learn new rules of life, and as you become more aware, and more cognizant of your energetic environment, so do you offer your self the abilities and motivations to change. As each of you begin to shift your own world, so do you shift and nudge worlds adjacent to your own. In this manner is awareness spread.

There continues to exist a great need for awareness of dire circumstances. It is no longer fashionable to ignore what prosperity and globalization have done to upset the balances that so precariously exist in nature, and even inside each of you. Your own balances of the physical sort, mental, and spiritual sort, do all suffer as a consequence of the greater imbalance that has been created all around you. Do not deny your own doings, for all who reside upon that earth are responsible for what is happening around them and inside them. All of you owe yourselves, and the world at large, much compromising and contemplation in order to rectify the great changes that have been inculcated. This example of the possibility of change already exists, and though it is as example of change gone awry, so is it clearly also an example of the possibility of change. All it takes now is the reverse, the persuasion and suggestion from that of consumerism, and consumption, and greed to one of simplicity, peace, and compassion, with enough for all to live and prosper, with focus now shifting to purity, innocence, and truth in order to accomplish this so greatly needed shift.

Do I ask too much of you? I don’t think so, for all I ask is for your inner knowing to come out into the world now and become the new citizen of change. All of you have within you the ability to change, to simplify your lives, and be contented with life as a journey, not of material riches, but a journey of inner growth and evolution. You know I do not ask for you to go out of balance at all. You live in the world and are expected to fully embrace your life there, but you are also expected to give equal time and consideration to all else that exists and asks for your attention.

To live a simple life is the first step. To become totally responsible for your self is the second step. To accept that you are a spiritual being is the third step. To understand that the world exists as a learning ground for evolutionary purposes is the fourth. To behave as if you have little time to accomplish a great deal is the fifth. To hold on to your focus of intent is the sixth. To abide by the rules of behavior for an evolutionary being is the seventh.* To maintain, at all times, an outlook that is balanced, practical, and spiritual is the eighth. To understand, fully, your own life, your reason for coming into that life, why you must live it, and where you are going next is the ninth. And the tenth is to always, always stay in your truth. Truth matters above all else, for without truth will none of the others matter. For how can you exist in perfect balance with your self and your environment, if you hide from the truths of the self and the world around you?

You have all created a world for yourselves. This world belongs to you. No one else has created it, except you, by your choices, your actions, your decisions. So take full responsibility for it, and determine, right now, where you want to go next. What will your next step be on your journey? Are you unhappy? Do not blame others for your unhappiness, but instead understand your own actions already taken, and take responsibility for your journey that has unfolded to this point in your life. Once you own your own life, fully take it on, absolve all others, and your self too for where you are now, so do you free your self to truly move on.

Begin a great unburdening in order to achieve a new simplicity of spirit, and then tackle the other points of growth that will aid you on this amazing journey that you now take through this most consequential time upon that earth. All of you are living in great times of change. Do you not see that? Are you not thrilled to be available at such a moment in earth’s time of shift? Are you not able to allow your self the freedom to become a new person, who can take the journey now being offered?

Find your balance, your equilibrium of spirit and human form, and embrace your abilities to learn to function in a new manner as the great shift now begins its inevitable roll into the future. Grab onto your awareness, for you will need it. But go into the future with foresight, and knowledge, and alertness that this is your choice. Take responsibility for the change, and determine that it is desired and wanted, above all else, for it is the only way to learn and grow, and eventually evolve. Be a part of the change, by energetically and spiritually fully embracing it.

I urge change upon you, as do many others; our missions send messages through messengers of all variety. But most of all, we seek to incite awareness so that you have the opportunity to wake up and become part of the change, with this new awareness intact, rather than one day waking up in a daze wondering, “What happened?” The world is changing. Are you?

*Please note: In step number seven, Jeanne is referring to the 10 Rules of Life, contained on the Guidance page in the sidebar on the channeling website.