#209 Keep Your Attention On Your Journey

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have a message for us as we begin a new work week? What can we expect energywise?

Do not focus on the energy itself, but only your place in it. Where are you now in your life, and in your own energy awareness? Is your awareness keen? Do you normally feel the energy affecting you? Have you learned focus and detachment, so that you do not get caught where you should not tread? Is your awareness keen enough to protect your energy, so that it is saved for use by you in the most efficient way possible?

Keep your attention on your journey. Keep your focus forward, even as the season does call for much giving, and much draining of energy due to over-consumption and the vast commercialism that inhabits the airwaves at this time of year. Place your self firmly upon your path of spirit, guided by your inner knowing, and each day remain cognizant of this direction as you venture into your busy life. Do not waste energy, and do not get caught in the commercial frenzy of the season, for that is not a good use of your energy. Find your calm center, and realize that compassion and love, energetically released upon the earth, will have far greater impact than money spent upon trinkets. Do not dismiss the impact of this time of giving. For it does remind many of their own hearts, and their own yearning spirits; of their desires for rightness and change; and the innermost desire for peace and everlasting calm. But those things will not accumulate until a great shift has taken place. Become part of that shift as you now use your awareness to tone down the energy drains that desire so much of the wrong things.

Use the energy well, for change, for shift, and for consciousness raising; and in this manner will you honor the truth of the season, for it does honor a prophet who desired such forces in his own time, as we do now. Do not forget your own goals in life, even for a moment, but remain focused on guarding your energy, even as the tastes of the season continue to tease, and the comforts of old beckon for your notice. Release your self from your old duties now, and take on a new aspect of your own truths to guide you in your decisionmaking.

It is a time of change now. Not only does the year upon that earth wind down, but so does the season request a shift to inner contemplation. Make this shift matter. Greatly accept your own part in enacting change upon the earth, even if only in your own world. This small shift will have consequences, as your own intent does affect all in your nearness, and this then affects others, and so on, as ripples in a puddle do reverberate into the very earth, gently, but with a lasting impression nonetheless. Something always notices and wakes up.

Be part of the change. As the year changes, and newness begins, make your own intentions focused on your inner path, your journey newly focused on a committed path of growth, awareness, and as much change as you can muster. Do life differently now. Use the energy above to aid you. Use the energy below to keep you focused. Use your awareness to guide you. A new time of shift does soon arise, coinciding with your celebration time. Do not forget this. It is important. Watch what happens.