#210 Acquiesce to the Power of Receptivity

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have guidance for us today?

Include in your holiday preparations, whether they be ritualistic, personal, or traditional, your new awareness in order to remain open to giving your self a true gift of growth. Only in remaining open to the offerings of our connection, with those of us who aid and assist you, will you be able to correctly interpret what you are given.

Be certain of your own place now, on your own path of growth. Find your equilibrium, your centered stillness, and remain aware of all that you have lately learned in order to receive the gift of guidance and knowing that awaits. The possibility of connection, and thus the possibility of guidance, remains in your hands. Are you not only receptive, but also open energetically? To be open in your mind is one thing, but to acquiesce to the power of receptivity is another.

Do not be afraid as I continue to invite your participation in this new worldwide phenomenon of receptivity and awareness that does sweep across your world with a great energetic push. For even as wind does blow, so does this energetic sweep ruffle through your energy field, seeking your notice. In order to intercept it, in order to gain inner awareness of it, must you become supremely aware of your own inner calm energy.

Seek today to feel your own energy. What does it feel like? What is your true energetic current really like? Find your self constantly reminding your physical body to go into a state of calm throughout the day. Just small reminders will be enough to invite calm into your physical body, and then, in that calmness, entice your mind to release all of its ideas and concepts of what energy is, and just feel it.

And as you feel your own pulsing energy, allow your self to feel the other energy outside of you, merging with yours. Invite the calmness of it to flow through you, and calm you further, as you go on an experiential adventure into the energetic universe. Carry with you this receptive quality now more often. Thwart your attempts to block it or dismiss it, but instead remind your self that you are seeing, and feeling, and experiencing life differently now. This you have already decided. Now make it happen. Make your body respond to your lessons of awareness by allowing it to open to the energetic flow of guided connection. We await your reception.

Is that all for today?

Yes. It is a good day to feel our energy as we nudge you to notice. Be open, receptive to us, keeping in mind that life is different now because you are viewing it with a new perspective, that energy is available, just waiting. And don’t forget: Everything is Possible!