#208 In Dreaming Are You But Awake in Another World

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Chuck Ketchel and Jan Ketchel

Here is the message for today:

Dear Jeanne,
Another weekend has arrived. What message do you have for us all today, and over the next few days?

Continue your awareness work. Continue the work of change. Continue to be aware of the energy, and continue to look for opportunities of growth and evolution. Be aware of the signs around you urging this upon you, even as you remain aware of the currents of energy that will continue to dance and play their game of taste and tease, inviting you, but also testing you, to be alert and aware.

Awareness remains the key issue as you progress through life. Train this ability to remain alert, even when you sleep. It is necessary to remain cognizant of your surroundings and the meaning of energy, whether in waking life or dreaming life. In dreaming are you but awake in another world, and it is your next step to begin training your awareness to remain keen in that world as well now. But this begins in your world of daily reality, as you understand the way veils hide truth and signs from you. For in dreaming-worlds are the veils also present, but your awareness is less available until you train it to wake up and participate in that life as well.

With this training and preparation well undertaken will you learn how to maintain awareness in all situations, and in all worlds. Maintaining awareness at all times, even in the moment of death, is the ultimate goal, for in so doing will you pass the evolutionary exam, and perhaps graduate into infinity. This keen training of your awareness, beginning now, is essential in order to maintain it at the time of separation from the physical world, as you exit, energetically, from your body.

Relying on your practice in waking life alone is not sufficient, for there are not enough circumstances in that physical world to challenge you. This may sound absurd because life presents a multitude of challenges, but to hone your awareness sufficiently must this be practiced in other worlds as well, where both the rules of energy and physical reality appear differently. In the world of concrete reality, the challenges greatly center around navigating through and beyond that concreteness, that life, and that world you know so well, which is both predictable and easily explained. But once you enter other worlds, where nothing is quite as you may suspect, is a new kind of awareness required in order to navigate.

This training of awareness in other worlds is easily mastered in your daily ritual of sleep and dreaming. Begin to be aware, as you enter dreamlands, that you are in another world. Remind yourself, before you go to sleep at night, that you are about to enter another world, and then remind yourself that awareness is key in this dreamworld. Ask your self to remain alert, awake in your dreamworld, aware of your surroundings. Veils exist in dreamworlds, as well as in your daily life, so it is essential to remove the veils so that clarity is gained.

Begin to expand your awareness now into other worlds. Take adventures into your imagination to begin honing your skills. Meditative adventures into the self offer the opportunity to explore your abilities beyond the concrete. Open your eyes, but do not look too hard with your physical eyes as you meditate and dream, but instead look with your inner eyes of knowing. In this way, will you begin to experience a new level of awareness. And this you can do with intent, on purpose, simply by daring your self to daydream, with the full knowledge that it is a highly valuable lesson in awareness training. Then apply the same techniques in your nighttime dreaming.

All of this requires innocent trust in your own abilities to go on an adventure, and this you must freely allow your self to do. It may seem slightly ridiculous, at first, if you are not a daydreaming person normally, but once you get the hang of it, will you find that it is quite pleasurable. But always maintain your innocent heart-centered intent, and the knowledge that this is awareness training that you are undertaking, and not self-gratification. In the beginning, may it be difficult to just allow your innocence to emerge and take you on a journey, but with time, and trust in your inner self, will you be able to achieve anything.

There are many guides and teachers of dreaming available to you. Look around as you begin, and ask for assistance. See who arrives to help you. Take your pets with you, for they very easily enter other worlds, and are highly aware of your energy shifts. Enter dreamworlds with your awareness though. Do not forget this most important aspect. Remind your self often to remain alert, to “see” with your inner knowing, and to “feel” with your heightened sense of awareness.

Who knows where you will go, and what you will meet? But don’t forget to bring back with you something from each adventure, and note it as important for your learning and your journey. Even if it is but a small token of your ability, so is it meaningful. “Everything is meaningful” in that life, and as I am fond of saying, “Everything is possible.” Use these two proclamations to aid you as you begin this next step in training your awareness. Happy dreaming!