#207 Your New Game of Life

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Chuck Ketchel and Jan Ketchel

Here is the message for today:

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have a message for us today?

Do not hold back now from the experiences that arrive, to not only teach you, but offer a grand opportunity to grow by giving you the knowledge of a world with the veils removed. Allow the veils to reveal truths and experiences that are meaningful. Then allow your self to accept these experiences, taking them in to your knowing, so that you may advance in an evolutionary manner.

Do not disregard what comes to you. Do not despise your abilities to see and be aware in a new manner. Do not turn away from your innocence, but fully embrace it now as you take a new step forward into your future.

Allow awareness to be your constant companion. Allow for sharpness of that awareness to point out to you what you should notice. Allow your noticings to be your new game of life, and play it well. This new game of awareness, alertness, and constant monitoring of the signs of truth and innocence are the experiences I speak of that are necessary for this new life you now engage.

Do not run and hide from your truths. Do not play hide-and-seek. That is not the game I speak of. This new game of life is a total embracing of all that is seen and unseen, all that is felt and experienced, and all that is constantly revealed to you, day by day, as you grow and evolve.

This new game of life is nothing to be afraid of, nothing to shirk from, nothing to push away, but it is everything now, and should be accepted as your new means of living and interpreting your life, your experiences, and your most inner knowings. Focus your attention today on the signs that are all around you. Pay heed to them. Allow your self to trust. Allow your self to experience. Allow your innocence to embrace you in this new game of life as an adventure full of surprises. Enjoy it!

Don’t be so afraid. If you don’t like how the game of life is proceeding, then throw the dice again today. Ask for change, ask for a new direction, ask for new life, ask for what you truly need to shift you in a new direction of growth. And then use your awareness in order to be alert to the signs alerting you to what you have asked for. What you ask for will manifest. That you can be certain of. So get ready for it. Even if you don’t think it has arrived, think again, and you will discover that it has indeed come to aid you on your journey. So watch out what you ask for!