#206 Look at Your Life With Your New Perspective as Your Telescope

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Chuck Ketchel and Jan Ketchel

Here is the message for today:

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have a message of guidance for us today? Even just a word or brief note?

Contemplate now your situation more deeply. You have weathered through quite a lot, a lifetime of trials and tests. Now have you learned a lot, but the trick is to fully understand what you have learned from your new place, your new perspective, and with your new tools of awareness.

So, do not sit and contemplate your life in the old sullen manner, but look at your life with your new perspective as your telescope. Develop a sense of awe and enlightenment, instead of your old ideas of regret and disappointment. Use your new seeing to reveal a new truth about your self, and your life thus far lived. From this new perspective lift the veils that hide your clarity, and allow for not only a new perspective on the past, but a new perspective on the future as well.

Remember, that all time is now. By this instruction I mean look at your past, your present, and your future, as if they were all now, with no distinction of space, but only see them as experiences that are meaningful NOW. With this new perspective in your telescope of seeing will you understand this concept of time. All time is now, so reconstruct your life anew now. Change your outlook, change your perceptions, change your conclusions, and you also change your self now. Do it now. And then do it again, and again, because every moment is now, and every moment is new and requires a new eagerness for life. Achieve this eagerness for the next moment of life by keeping your perspective in constant shift, your perceptions accepting of new ways of thinking about your self, and your clarity constantly honed so that you do not reveal anything but the truth as it stands NOW.

All time is now. Every moment is new. Every moment of time requires you to shift your self, as quick as it does, in order to keep up with it. Be in the flow of time, be as flux, as a changer of shape, with each new moment asking constantly, where am I now? What does this mean from my new outlook, my new post, through my new telescope? Life is constantly changing. Keep up with it, and you will find that this concept, of all time as now, will become clearer. Experience it. Allow your self to experience time as flowing, never stagnant, never stuck, never resident, but always nomadic, transitory, and seeking new experience.

This is you now, the new you, spirit, warrior, seeking new experience of the subtleties of life that are, indeed, more than subtle. Shift your perspective and you will understand that your life is full of magic moments, coming at you quickly, carrying energy and new life.

Hold your perspective in this new moment, right now, and experience the lightness and joy of it, and then decide how you want to continue to view your life. Are you a time traveler? Or, are you stuck in the illusion of time? I invite you all to experience the everything and the nothingness of time as it swiftly shifts, and shifts, and shifts, and shifts again, always changing, always a new perspective. Go and experience it, and then contemplate your life differently. This is good for today.