#205 Take on the Traits of a Warrior

Dear Jeanne,
What is your message for today?

A committed approach to utilizing the energy for personal growth requires change. There can be no growth if you do not commit, wholeheartedly, to change. This requires that your physical body also commit to change and desire a transformation. In order for any progress to be made, must the physical body align with the spirit. When I speak of falling back into old habits, you must admit that most of those old habits have to do with the physical aspects of the self, including bodily comforts of pleasure, pain, emotions, and such factors as feelings, all within the context of your physical form. To truly advance now, must a certain amount of self-discipline be applied to the process. As always, must this curtailing of the physical habits be well balanced. I do not ever instruct that you become a dictator to the self. That would be absurd, and your progress delayed due to the inability to flow. But, I do ask that you take on the traits of a warrior, and this requires a discipline of conscious action leading to an impeccability of intent.

Impeccability requires conscious thought regarding the truth of every action taken and every decision made. To be a warrior spirit is to be aware of your own physical habits and behaviors, desires and traps, and to work hard at changing, so that you do not become slowed down in your growth by constantly having to deal with interruptions in your energy by that which seeks to over-consume. In over-consumption of your energy by the physical needs and desires do you lose valuable time, and progress is hampered.

Attach the word “warrior” to your daily intent regarding the growth and progress of the self. By taking on this intent of impeccability that is implied by a warrior spirit, your focus may begin to gain in sharpness. With your focus thus honed do you offer your self the gift of fewer distractions because you will be less drawn to giving away your energy, especially as you begin to experience it in new and useful ways, better suited to change. In order to transform must there be commitment to engage in such change, but this also requires focused intent in order for anything to really happen. You can construct a shiny new vehicle for your self, but it won’t go anywhere if you do not have the proper gas to feed it. That is intent, the new fuel that will send your vehicle out into new worlds of adventure.

Your warrior abilities are not in question. They lie waiting for your discovery of them. Find your focused path, clothe and feed your self with your intent, and then take action by doing all that is required, now, to enact change. Stop thinking and talking about it so much now, and do it! That’s all I have to say about it.

All right. Is there anything else you’d like to talk about today?

No. Stay focused on your path, adding intent, with conscious decision to change, to shift, to flow, to balance, and to become aligned with the energy as it disrupts life as you know it, urging change upon you all, and the planet earth as well. The energy seeks to wake you up. Don’t you feel it rattling you and shaking you out of your slumber? Time to get serious now. No more talking, just doing, with impeccability, with conscious focus, and with your inner warrior making your decisions now. Spirit + Warrior + Intent = Change. And change results in evolution, and this, in turn, opens the door to what lies all around you just waiting to be noticed. Aren’t you intrigued?