#204 Continue On

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have a message for us today?

Abide by the rules of behavior for a seeking life. Do not neglect the path so bravely sought and found. Do not fall to the wayside, or wallow in slovenly despair, but continually pick your self up. Continue on, in spite of what is taking place in the world around you. Remain aware, and urge awareness on others, teaching this new method of perceiving and taking guidance from the signs that are constantly offered to aid you.

For now, even as the entire world does suffer, as the energy turns the world akimbo, do not get thrown from your inner knowing of what is right. Even as you, as an individual, must be aware of energy, and act accordingly in order to have, not only safe passage through life, but also growth and evolutionary change, so must the world itself follow a similar principal and path. As the world, the very earth, does suffer from too many sitting beside their paths rather than doing the work of the self, so is it important that you do not contribute to such stagnancy.

Lift yourself daily from reverie of such stagnancy. Do not contemplate stopping or turning back. Do not become part of the problem, but remain focused on solving the riddles of your own life, and then proceeding onward and lifting your dilemmas from that of the earth you now reside upon. You are all responsible, and must remain so in order for true evolution to take place.

The earth cannot alone shift direction. Ironically, mankind is forcing a shift, and yet it may not be in the best interest of mankind, but rather a devastating clearing out, as Mother Nature turns beneath you, shaking you off as an animal does shake off a predator or a parasite. Do not waste your life wasting the life of the very earth who supports you on your journey. Do not waste your time needlessly upon that earth, but focus now more concisely on finding your true purpose.

Are you an earth watcher? Are you an energy seeker? Are you a seeker of your own truths? Are you really ready for change? Wake up now, and open your eyes, your ears, and your hearts to the truth of the energy that seeks now, constantly, to cause change. It is available to aid you, and to catapult you forward, but it is also constantly ready to grab you and take you back to old places no long habitable.

Find your balance in your life. Find your true purpose. Find your keen awareness awaiting your discovery, and make your way through the veils that hang across your path until you come to the wide open planes of no obstruction, no veils, where clarity is as crisp as fresh air, and your journey will become more focused. But this requires seeing now, even in the muck and mud of the energy that seeks your attention and your energy. Clear your eyes constantly, and use your intuitive heart-centered knowing to guide you.

Focus then on your place in the grand scheme of this great change. What is your role? Who are you really? Uncover your innocence. If you must go back to something, go back to that. Rediscover the innocent wanderer inside you, and invite that aspect of the self to join you. Reconnect with this important inner self, and then see what you see. Then will you understand clarity and awareness, and then will you be able to understand your mission in life. With your ego left behind, your purity in front, guiding you, may you rediscover all that you know, and all that you truly seek.

You have not lost anything; you just have not found it again. It does but hide inside you, waiting for the right moment to tap you on the shoulder and remind you that you are innocence, and you are pure, and you are energy just waiting to find resonance. Find resonance first within your self. Meet your desires within the context of your own energetic being, and then venture outward, finding your most suitable profession in a new, changed world. For as you change, so does the world change. This time of great upheaval is part of the energetic push for innocence to be born again, yours, the earth’s, and the innocence of knowing and understanding all worlds. Do not be part of the problem, but become the solution. Begin with your own life. This is my challenge to you today.