Comment on Message #191 by Chuck

Jeanne’s message today reflects three points from the world of the ancient shamans. Her focus on the use of words to define one’s world is captured in the shaman’s view that the socialization process human beings are subjected to from the time of their birth and the uniformity of it among all people generates the world we live in. That world is a description, not an actual perception of reality. This description is very much constructed by our use of words. To perceive energy directly is the goal of the shamans, enabling direct access to alternate worlds.

It is critical to interrupt the flow of energy that generates our dominant description of the world, via a number of techniques, in order to experience a different world. The shamans used a technique entitled: not doing, to accomplish this interruption of energy flow. When Jeanne suggests using new words to define experiences, such an interruption of habitual flow of energy is accomplished, and one is freed to enter a different world. The shamans would call this, having an experience of being unfamiliar to oneself.

Finally, words are vehicles of intent. Words attract energy to construct the intent they embody. A new vocabulary constructs a new world in which to live, just as viable as the habitual world we commonly inhabit, which is indeed in need of evolutionary change.