#192 Take Life to a New Level Today

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have a message of guidance for today?

Sit now in quiet contemplation. Gather to you all your tools, your skills, your knowing that lies deep inside you, and allow your self permission to try living your life in a new manner with all of these possibilities as your new means of practice. Take life to a new level today by inculcating in your life all that you have been learning about awareness, recapitulation, energy, balance, and centeredness. Begin to utilize all of these skills. Allow your self access to your own doubt about what I speak of, and sneak past it now; leave it off to the side; and though you know it remains as your rational grounder, so do I dare you to leave it now, for a time, and allow your self to boldly trust your new tools and techniques. As you put aside your doubt, as you take time to sit in contemplation select one of your new tools or techniques and put it to work for you, and then see what happens.

Practice a new art today. Give your self permission to accept the possibility that everything is available, and with that trust and acceptance freeing you from your compliant, everyday self, put to the test some of your new skills. Even just sitting in quiet meditation, with empty mind, can bring you into a keener awareness of the self and your surroundings. Don’t be afraid to see where your own energy directs you, where it leads you, and what it may point out to you today as your next challenge. Be alert so that you do not miss your lesson of the day. But instead of waiting, why not institute a practice of opening to it, by putting aside doubt and heavy thinking to allow for open flow of energetic inquiry?

You may be surprised at what comes to greet you and to invite you in to investigate for meaning and significance. Your energy and your inner self are attuned to much more than your thinking mind will allow. Remove your thinking cap, and use your calm awareness as your guide. Look for feelings, sensations, images, and energetic vibrations to guide you to your daily issues. Do not attempt to force anything, but in calm repose allow your spirit to bring you to where you need to go. See where this takes you today, a few minutes of utter calm. Without your troubled mind, without your personal judgments of your self and others, without your concentration on your physical image, and without your normal outer distractions intruding, do you offer your self an opportunity to access your deeper self. See what arises to greet you from this place of deep detachment, and displacement from your normal outer self. You may be surprised at what comes up.

Then, once you return to your outer you, retain some of that calm centeredness and bring what you have learned forward with you into your day. As the day progresses may you discover what it truly means, and where your inner you suggests you go to investigate further. Is it a deeply seated desire? Is it a sense of uncomfortable memory? The return of an old behavior? Is it your energy body? Is it your future being revealed? Is it your restless spirit, urging you to wake up and see what is waiting for you? Is it your child self, urging you to rescue it from the past that lies so heavily buried? What challenges lie waiting for you?

Do not be afraid to attempt this endeavor of quiet contemplative emptiness in meditation. Even a light delving in to detached emptiness may yield results, but your awareness is key if you are to gain clarity, and truly know what is being offered to you. Whatever comes up is a gift. Keep that in mind. Even the most troubling of issues is a true gift, for without uncovering all that lies hidden will your growth and evolution remain elusive.

So for today, and every day for that matter, pay attention to your inner spirit self and its need to speak to you in utter calmness. No matter what is going on in your life, is it mandatory that you give your self time to sit in quiet contemplation. Accept what you receive from your moments of calm as highly necessary for your evolutionary growth. Your challenges may be disturbing to you, better left untouched, hidden, forgotten, but that is never the case. Everything must be picked through, for the hidden jewel that awaits. And when you are done, will you have a beautiful string of precious stones, polished, and prepared by your hard working self, a necklace of recapitulation, a beautiful memento of your daring, trusting self. Begin to find your first stone, your hidden jewel, by going in to utter calm retreat for a few minutes every day. See where this next step in your practice of awareness takes you. What comes up? Something always comes up, but will you pay attention?