Comment on Message #191 by Jan

Today, Jeanne asks us to really take time to change the way we think about ourselves, and the world we live in. She asks that we become proactive in changing our world by actually using new words, allowing for a distinct change in perspective. If confronted with anger, rather than staying caught in anger accept it as an opportunity to challenge the world you are in and the reason for the feelings of anger. What is the deeper issue that you are being asked, by your inner you, to confront? The anger is merely the tool to accessing it. If being confronted with great change in your life, rather than be consumed by old patterns of victimhood or depression, change your perception of your situation to one of growth, and the opportunity to, instead, be firmly planted on a new path with a new set of rules and intentions. By removing our old sets of behaviors we open the door to be able to allow our intent to really work for us because we now know that we want to live life differently, but awareness is the key. If we are aware that we are caught in an old habit, we can shift out of it simply by applying new words to the situation. “I’m not stuck, I’m being challenged to grow. How do I choose to grow? Am I choosing to be on a new path of evolutionary change, utilizing my new tools, or am I going to remain using the old words about my self?” Jeanne is urging us all to partake in this time of change by really taking control of the way we think, perceive, and experience life. We can have a different experience simply by changing our perceptions, our perspectives, and our words.