#191 Reality Is, In Fact, Many Realities

Dear Jeanne,
What is the message for today, to start this new week?

Unearth now those long unused tools of wisdom and knowing that lie hidden deep inside. Together with your newly honed tools of awareness, and your hard work on balancing the inner and outer self, may your efforts reap rewards. Find now, today, your balance for the week ahead. Set your intentions of calmness and steadiness, sobriety, and energetic vigor in order to remain firmly upon your path of growth.

With your intent to grow and evolve uppermost on your weekly agenda, do not deny that which comes to serve you in this endeavor. There is little you need to fixate upon or force, simply remain alert and aware, and find your equilibrium daily in order to have access to your inner knowing. With this inner knowing slowly emerging in your every day life, will you discover that there is so much more to that which you perceive as reality.

Seek now to notice that which is different. As you have grown and evolved, so is more made available to your knowing. There is much that exists simultaneously in your world that you may be unaware of, or unaccepting of, until you have begun to experience it; learning to accept it as, definitely, part of reality; and by accepting with open heart, and without rationalization interfering, are you allowing your world to change, and to become a different one.

Allow this perception of reality as different to become part of your weekly intent. With awareness that energy can allow for anything to happen, do you open the door to furthering your learning of how reality works. For reality is, in fact, many realities, not just the one you have been taught to perceive. When you are a baby, you are taught what everything is called. What if you had been taught that a “chair” was called “lamp”, and “up” was “down?” What if your earliest teachings had been opposite? In such a case, you would live in a totally different world, and your childhood would have been one of confusion, as everyone around you perceived the world differently. Well consider yourself, now, that child who is perceiving the world differently. The worlds are all mixed up because no one else speaks quite in the same manner as you, and your attempts to communicate do not resonate with even a glimpse of recognition.

This new world you live in invites a new way of using your mind, your brain, your trained thinking, asking you to suspend all that you have ever learned, turn it upside down, and begin to use new words to describe your life and your experiences. Begin to make your new words your common language. Allow these new words to be spoken so that they become commonplace, and the world begins to shift as a result of your efforts to disrupt the status quo.

But this process must begin within, and you must be committed to a path of true growth in order to speak new words of change. In order to really change your world, must your new words be thoroughly understood and practiced, so that you become not only aware of your new and changing outer world, but, most importantly, that your inner world keep up with your perceptions of outer reality and access your greatest inner truths. This process of changing your world must extend to your inner world as well. Your old truths are but old words of description of the self, but your awareness is seeking to alert you to the fact that new words about the self exist, ready for your choosing, and when applied will they have the great advantage of allowing new doors to open, so that your view and perception of the inner you may also change.

Allow now for your awareness and perceptions of your outer world and your inner world to be given new meaning. Rename your surroundings, both outer and inner, and see what happens as you apply words of growth and awareness to all that you encounter. Your world will change because it will have new labels and new meanings that will be evolutionary.

Apply today your intent in this new direction of change as you contemplate the new direction that your path will take. Allow this new direction to aid you. See the world differently, perceive yourself differently, and open the door to allow for change and a different experience of life. With this new outlook will your mind clear, your head detach from the old you, and your inner you find resonance in clarity and truth. Apply your new words today, and find a new you, unearthed from the old habits and perceptions, and ready to grow. This is good! Trust your self, and trust all that you perceive now; it is meant to aid you. Accept and trust, and perceive differently now. I dare you, my friends, to take this opportunity to grow!