#190 Repair and Prepare

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have a message of guidance for us today, and for the weekend ahead?

Repair and prepare now your solitary vessel of the self for sailing into the calmer waters that lie ahead. Under new conditions, make use of your time to fix what needs fixing, and be ready for what later lies ahead. Do not anticipate disaster, but be ready for anything and everything. Place your self firmly in command and be aware, at all times, of your place upon the great waters of life. The sea does react to energy differently from a small pond, or even a large lake. A stream carries different properties than a river, and so is it within each of you that the properties of your own resident energy vary and need attending to differently.

Recognize who you are now. Discover the vessel you call your own, and the energetic flow you have chosen as your method of movement and fuel. Find your self full of acceptance for this total package of the self, right now, and determine what you need to complete your preparations for the next part of your journey.

With this time of contemplation and preparation do you give your self the gift of acceptance, recognition, and awareness of where you now find your self, and what the meaning of your life is now. With much learning already behind you, may you proceed now, with quite a nice bit of awareness to steady and aid you as you go. Your companions upon your journey must now be chosen for their worthiness and ability to make the journey with you. Alert your self, first, to the fact that you expect such worthiness and ability to be your own strengths, and your own awareness to continually be utilized. Do not fall asleep at the wheel of your vessel! Do not allow your attention to your course to waver or falter. Do not abide by the rules of old, or of others, but abide by your own new rules.

Choosing, first, the new self to board the vessel as you prepare for the coming month, and reasserting the rules of life and of awareness are essential steps. Remind your self that this journey that you now take through life is of importance, utmost importance, not only for you, but for the greater world and even beyond that earth realm, for you have potential and possibility to evolve now, in infinity. Your journey now has shifted, from one of earth-living to one of infinite life as an evolutionary being. The choice in how you view your journey is up to you. Once you have declined or accepted a new view of your self and your reason for being, then is it up to you to decide where you next point your bow.

So, this is why I suggest that your companionship in life is as important as your inner work and the preparation of your sailing vessel. Your companions must be worthy, hardworking individuals, with equivalent interests in growth. Your ship must vibrate with resonant energy; hum with resonant partnership; and function at a new growth-oriented level so that explorations and adventures may be undertaken, with everyone on board ready and willing to take on the tasks necessary, in order to make each leg of the journey a successful growing process.

If no resonance exists with another, is it far better to prepare for solitary sailing. Your boat will find other boats to sail upon the waters beside, fulfillingly and happily corralled with other vessels equally full of desires for life and adventure out upon the greater waters of life. Find a rivulet to start out from and see where your vessel next ends up. There are so many energetic rivulets that lead in so many directions. Take time now to prepare, to contemplate, and to determine the best course for your self to take, utilizing all your skills, of knowing and awareness, to reach your own inner truth.

From this place of deepest truth, clearly spoken or only vaguely heard, begin the process of seeking that resonance, the place from which to launch. For now, soon, will it be time to set out upon the waters of your choice and go on a new adventure, backed by the winds of growth and change, ready to assist you and drive your vessel upon its chosen course.

But there is still plenty of time to prepare now, before this great opportunity for change and clarity arrives. It will come. Be ready for it. That is where your energy should be placed now, in preparation, contemplation, and making significant choices for your own future. This is good for today.