#189 Practice Detachment

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have a note of guidance for us today?

Become your firmly planted self now upon this intentional path of growth. Do not let the clouds on the horizon interfere with your walking. Do not allow the shadows of darkness or doubt to interrupt your seeing. Do not allow the rumblings on the distant horizon to bar you from understanding your correct knowing. Though disturbances and doubt may sneak in to your territory, do not allow them to become bigger obstacles than they indeed are, for they are but blips of energetic disturbance that need not become yours. Allow them to remain as but stones along your path. Allow them to sit with their own heaviness, rather than pick them up and carry them with you.

Use your knowledge of detachment to aid you now as you venture further, seeking your energetic resonance, keeping your focus forward, and your knowing alert. Abide by the rules of energetic life as you have been learning, and remain your centered and bravely daring new spirit self.

This is what the energy of now requires, and asks of you: That you feel it, that you use it, that you desire it for the proper reasons of spirit growth, and that you utilize it for only that which is truly right. Remain centered and viable, remain focused and alert, remain within the standards you have set for your self as you make this journey now in a new way, with your focus on wholeness, and your attitude positive, and looking now always for resonance.

Meet your expectations with this resonance as your radar. Allow your new self that you are working so hard to accept and allow passage into new life, to read the signs before you. Practice detachment, for this is what I speak of today, learning once again what it means, when it is appropriate, and how it will affect you and your growth process as you perfect your abilities in achieving it.

Today, remain aware. Do not let the energy sabotage your good intentions or your progress thus far made. Pick your self up, and walk the path you have chosen, knowing again the rightness of your choice, and see where this next step leads you. And if you do in fact need to take a new path, then choose your new direction with all of your new tools and rules as your compass and your groundbreaking shovel, forging your way now with every step dug right, and every focus on getting it done properly. You have much to aid you. Good Luck!