#188 Abide by the Rules of Change & Accept and Detach

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have a message for all of humanity today?

Change is now in the winds of energy, though at times is this but a subtle scent. Keep your nose up and sniffing, seeking always to follow the proper path and to abide by the rules of change.

What are they?

These are: the rule of alertness at all times, the rule of resonance, and the rule of self-discipline in sticking to your path, as well as the rule of daring. Always remain daring in your spirit search and research, and you will find the other rules naturally become necessary.

As I speak today of change, so do not forget that I spoke yesterday of self-acceptance and the ability to trust the self-image, both inside and outside, as necessary for now. With this You are you traveling, and your way will be easier and clearer as you learn the compromise of acceptance. This compromise is not a negative acceptance of faults or problems, but a positive one of acceptance and simultaneous detachment. And this detachment is not either a negative attitude, but a very positive one, for in detachment is there acceptance of now.

With this acceptance of the self, and the balancing act of detachment from the self, is it possible to progress with a freer spirit self, and a freer physical self. Accept and detach, and in so doing allow your self the possibility of laying aside burdens that do not necessarily belong to you, but have been placed there by others’ ideas and others’ proclamations. For are you truly willing to carry upon your shoulders the judgments of others? Are you willing to bear the confining attitudes of beauty and disfigurement that have been determined by outside forces that, quite frankly, have nothing to do with your own personal growth and evolution? Have you become trapped by the processes of outside influences seeking to keep your attention on them, and their rules, rather than on your self and your own process of growth and nurturance?

So, as I spoke of yesterday, is it most beneficial to engage in the process of self-acceptance; then take that one step further: to detach this newly accepted self from the confines of a capitalistic society net that entraps and keeps you caged in doubt, despair, and disagreeable attitudes about the self that are unacceptable for the journey you are now on.

Continue today this unburdening process, as you find your heart-centered spirit beauty, your inner purity and innocence, and allow this to become strong enough to push off your shoulders the burdens that you carry that do but weigh you down, and deny you full access to your energetic self. Underneath all of that will you find you own true and pure energy, and this is what you seek to nurture and enjoy, without limit and without confinement.

Access this energy, now, as the winds of energetic change continue to blow. Keep your nose up, your back straight, your feet firmly planted upon your path, and your mind free of those burdens of old. Follow now the new signs, with the new rules of energetic travel; and allow your true self to accept your other true self, and travel on now with lightness, joy, and that ever-necessary daring that I speak of. See what happens next! You may be surprised!