#187 Today, Become Your Own Best Traveling Companion

Dear Jeanne,
What message do you have for us today?

Notice the energy within your self now. Notice it as resident energy, as your own powerful source, and begin to utilize it differently now. Accept the total embodiment of the self as absolutely you, as whole, containing all you need; all that exists is present, merely yet undiscovered. Seek now to use your knowledge of energy, and of the self as container, to learn more about the self. Within resides everything you need, but your discovery of what this truly means is up to you.

From your calm and balanced centered self accept the totality of who you are now. Work from now in order to evolve, utilizing the powers of energy and knowing, awareness and clarity, growth and rejuvenation. I speak in energetic terms, but these also apply to your physical body if you learn to apply these words of energy to all aspects of the self. There is no aspect of the physical you that is not wholly acceptable. All of you is necessary for growth of the self. From this point onward, backed by the good winds of alertness, and confidence in the power of the inner energetic self, begin a new life. Determine today that the self is total, acceptable; a fine specimen of humanity, spirit, and evolutionary potential; full of all that is necessary for growth. Use what you have most apparently available to you, and then dare to add what you have most apparently hidden, awaiting release and enjoyment of life.

Do not be afraid of who your are, or of who you have the potential to become. This day is your day. Each of you is granted this day as a day of the self, the real, vital, alive, physical self. Acceptance of this self must become a part of this journey, for if you are constantly in battle with the self will your journey be thwarted and slowed down so that growth is limited to only times when you think are acceptable. In reality, is every day an acceptable growth day; so allow the self access to all of you, and to the energy bursting inside you, wanting release and participation in real life. Are you a good and worthy traveling companion to the self? Are you ready to go on an adventure with the self, or do you hesitate, complain, and hold yourself back from the adventures awaiting discovery? What kind of traveling companion are you?

Today, become your own best traveling companion, and allow the self to step out into the true adventure of life, with no-holds-barred, no tethers tied, and no binder or blinders on. This you, that you now are, as is, is perfectly and wholly ready to go, just awaiting your acceptance, your acknowledgment, and your daring. So, become the best of friends, your physical self and your spirit self, and begin the great adventure you’ve been waiting for. Now is the time to step out together, and go! The energy, both inside of you and outside of you, is complete and compliant, ready to support, engage, and aid. It’s up to you. Do you dare? Now? Today?