#186 Watch Now Your Tenderness, Your Innocence

Dear Jeanne,
You said the time of energetic culmination would be over by today. So what can we expect now?

Although culmination and energy-building, to such an exasperating extent, will no longer be of such great intensity and fortune, so will there continue to be highs and lows in energetic concentrations that will affect you, whether you are aware of the energy or not. Keep perceptions honed; and remain aware of what is happening around you, at all times. For even though you may not be directly affected, so will the affect on others directly affect you. This is how energy works, and this is what we seek to teach you; not only this, but also how to use it for growth.

Can you explain this?

Once you have learned what it means to be affected by all energy, so can you learn to use it beneficially, rather than it taking over and capsizing your ship, or pushing you off course, or throwing you upon the sandbar, or, worse still, the rocky shore. Your ability to read the waves of energetic content will enable you to smoothly maneuver through any passages in life. If you are totally unaware of energetic buildup, energy on a universal level, do you leave your self open to interference in all aspects of your life.

Many have had experiences of this universal energy, feeling and seeing, first hand, how many, in a domino effect, can be pulled in by the force of such energetic collusion. If you are present among others who are unaware of the personal consequences of engaging in energetic properties, whether positive or negative pulls, so may you witness what universal energy is capable of. Especially in group activity is there potential for a greater buildup of tension and unnatural activities as the energetic pull builds among the many members of the group, stirring up a whirlwind of energy.

To remain in such a group, in solitary confinement of your own energy, can be a difficult situation. To remain outside such a group and witness the frenetic building of energy is also extremely useful, and potentially your greatest feat of understanding. To remain pragmatically distant and soberly attuned to the realities of such progressive energy is to retain a balanced, calm state, such as we have been lately teaching.

Now, with the great build-up completed, the wave now crashed upon the shore; the undertow resolved upon the sandy beaches of life; and the final wave drawn back into the ocean of energy, where do you find your self? This is the question you must ask your self today? Where do you stand? Firmly upon the shore, distant from the last churning waves? Or up to your knees in sand? Or did you get drawn back out to sea?

Where are you now, right now? Where is your inner energetic self? Where is your center? Find it, and bring it in to calmness first, then allow it to settle down to your heart center, and breathe quiet breaths into this place of nurturing warmth. Calm down, not only your breathing, but your entire physical self, and allow your wandering energy to be contained.

Now, track your last few days, your energetic peaks and valleys. They may have been quite dramatic, or they may have been but lively swells; but all in all were they meant as tools of learning, lessons in the study of energy. Now, as this new week begins, as this new time of restless energy flirts with the idea of lull will your inner you continue to be affected, though with your notice less keen, for the energy will not itself be as noticeable.

Watch now your tenderness, your innocence, and guard it well, as the bubbling ocean does tease and teach you yet more skills of navigation in an attempt to lead you into the grip of energy that must now be avoided, even as the more dramatic energy of the past few weeks was to be avoided, and utilized, for your inner work. The world now calls for inner contemplation, for turning to the realities of life that so blatantly seek to alert you to the facts of change, and the lessons of life in overload. Even as energy consumption has led to such dire and expensive consequences upon that modern world you inhabit, so does the consumption of energetic frenzy also lead to overload within. Do not invite the sickness of overloaded energy. Do not blow your own energetic fuses, causing disruptions in your service, but learn, instead, how to maintain steady calm energy usage inside the self, balancing it with sober concern for your usage of material goods in your world around you.

Conserve the inner energy, conserve the outer energy, and maintain this balance in all aspects of life. This practice, if spread upon that earth, especially in the United States, could impact the entire world. If the citizens of the U.S. decided to become true citizens of the global world, the global community, and pulled innerly, conserving personal energy, then world wide usage, with less confrontation and less consumption, on all fronts, would the entire world feel their burdens lifting. Become part of a new energy usage, for inner calm, inner peace; and turn down the dial of extravagant energy usage world wide, becoming the new America, the new world, where each vessel navigates with awareness, compassion, and tenderness for all.

Utilize the skills you have learned. Place your vessel back in the waters of life, but traverse the swiftly running current and the frothy seas from your calm and steady heart-centered spirit self now, and do it differently. See where that takes you!