#183 Access Your Heart-Centered Self

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have a message for us today?

Create now your own energetic world within your self, allowing your self to utilize the energy inside that does seek growth and vitality, that does seek entry into your everyday life. This energy is brewing inside you. Even as you turn away from attaching to outside energy now do you allow your own powerful life energy to percolate and brew a warm fountain of your own resonance. Allow this inner energetic brew to become your focus now as you go into your inner sanctum. Study it. Learn how it feels. Even if it is but stirring slightly. Even if it is still buried, allow it to awaken now, and feel it. Feel the truth of it, this, your own energy, pure and innocent, uncontaminated by outside interferences.

This personal fount of energy is to be treasured and cultivated. It is the essence of your own being, your spirit energy that you are beginning to recognize and will learn more about as you evolve. Take time today to go deeply into calm and quiet. Give yourself a few minutes of utter removal from your outside self and, under perfect circumstances of quiet removal, find first your heart center; then feel your resident, personal energy, sitting there, calmly waiting for you to recognize it.

This involves drawing your self into inner calm, and inner silence, closing your self off from the outside world, and from the constant chatter in your head. Shut down your mental thinking. As I like to say: Take off your head! Without it will you be able to access your heart-centered self, where thinking is pure and easy, and your voice honest and truthful. From this heart center feel your calmness, and allow it to radiate outward into the far reaches of your body and go still further into calmness.

Prop your self into a comfortable position as you do this, so you do not need to uphold that heavy physical body. With it safely supported, can your attention be placed solely upon your inner you. Allow your calmness to guide you to your energy. This energy, without thought, without distractions, can become yours with daily practice. It is the essence of life, of you, and how you will access your inner spirit self.

By allowing for daily calmness, in quiet removal, leaving your head outside the door of your inner sanctum do you offer yourself access to your truth. This is good for today. Incubate your self in a warm incubator of your own choosing, and find your innocence there, waiting for your mature attention. In the final analysis, is it this self that you will follow into new worlds, so it behooves you to begin accessing it now, and even access those other worlds, which await exploration now too. You are fully capable, all of you, of finding this resonant energetic self, this calm innocence, and learning to play with it. Begin to invite it out to play a little at a time. You are in control, and you are the only one it trusts. But you must be in your own truth, your calm mature knowing state, in order to access it.

Go gently, go softly, go calmly to your innocence today, and sit together, feeling your energetic resonance. It’s a great place to begin recognizing your energy body. Then who knows what may happen as you explore further!