#184 The Clear Road of Possibility That Lies Ahead

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have a message for humanity today?

Glance up now, looking toward the horizon, and notice that your path is open, straight, and clear. Where are the pitfalls, the fissures, the blocks, and the walls that appear so often to cause your dismay? Are they not created as you work your way along your path? Do they not appear to trick or trip you as you proceed on your journey, tests of your strength and your conviction to growth? But where are they now, as you lift your eyes from your feet, and your intense self-study, and gaze out into the future? The truth of the future is an open road, nothing inhabits it because you have yet to walk there and place your burdens along side it, and yet to draw stumbling blocks to your side. Look not at the troubles you now carry. Look not at the past you have left behind. Look not at the disarray all around you, but instead look forward into the clear road of possibility that lies ahead.

As this time of culmination now draws its final breath and blows out its steam and its stream of energetic force, and as the smoke and litter clear, notice that beyond all of that clutter lies the open road. A new view is being revealed now. A new day is arriving; a new clear path is being revealed to you so that your journey may proceed differently. If you choose this path, if you choose to see the new direction, and the new perspective, and look in the direction of this new horizon, so do you offer your self the rewards of your hard self-work and your engagement in this time of energetic confrontation.

Look at your new view. What kind of landscape is opening before you? What does seek to signal to you your new direction and your new connection? For now will there be opportunity, connected to spirit growth. But will you notice? Are you there yet, at the point of acceptance of this aspect of the self? If you are ready for great change, now will be the time to make the leap. If you are daring enough to embrace a new you, the one you have been drawing out into life, into play, into work, and into reality, creating a new you, then will this time coming be the time to urge that new you to participate more fully in this life.

Do not keep the eager spirit hidden inside you. Such energy is acceptable now in this time of blooming hope for drastic change, even as the earth and the forces created by man upon it do strife and create havoc and worry. Do not attach to the debris of such creation, but instead embrace the knowing spirit in all of you, in all of us energy beings, and look toward a new future, fully acknowledging that this spirit that exists inside each of you, who are working so hard to wake it up, does also exist in all of mankind. With such potential, as yet uncovered, is there possibility for great change.

Look outward now, into your own future, both near and far ahead, and determine how you will choose to proceed. Is your spirit yet afraid? Does it need more prodding? Does it seek yet more reassurance from you that it will be safe as you protect it from harm and abrasive confrontation? Is it wary, yet daring at the same time? Show it the new view. Allow it to experience its own resonance in that future view. Even though the way is clear, so is there understanding that anything may pop up along the way to challenge you both, and this your spirit knows.

Enable now your spirit to accompany you on your journey as time of culmination, change, and a new dawning approaches. It is up to you to be in charge, to ask your spirit self, your truth, and your innocence to accompany you now on your journey, more fully integrated into your life, more fully participant, and more fully your companion in all aspects of your life.

This is a time now of great choice making, decision making, and allowing your self, all aspects of the self, to view your life ahead differently. The path is clear. Do you see? There is nothing blocking your way. It is wide open, and full of possibility. Only what you bring with you will create blocks, yet must you dare to make the journey, continuing to work and dismantle the oldnesses that burden you. Continue your self-work, even as you take the hand of your spirit self, and go now into newness as the next dawn does approach. It is a day of decision making. Choose well, choose right for your self, and choose for growth. I urge you all to take advantage of this time of culmination to move now greatly forward in possibility. That is where your focus should remain, on the clearing ahead, as the air clears and debris is blown and swept away. Look at what lies ahead. Stay focused on that.