#182 Build Your Own Inner Sanctum

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have guidance for us today as we deal with this energy of culmination?

Do not get caught, My Dears, in focusing on the end result. Do not allow the idea of culmination to captivate your attention, for in so doing will you miss the beautiful nuances that await your attention, aiding you in your growth. The culmination should not be the focus, but the minutiae of your every day life are there to teach you, occurring when necessary to lead you to your inner work. The culmination is of no greater consequence now, for you do not know what it carries in its energetic force. It may carry good will and intent, or it may catapult you in a forceful manner, but of this you have no knowing. At present, are you but on the path, and the details of the path are where your attention must be placed as you deal with your daily life, asking always the question: What does this mean for my inner journey?

Your inner journey, and your inner exploration are your path. Each step along the way is as important as the one before, and the one to come. Find always meaning in each step. Find always growth in each step. Do not waste your energy, worrying about what is to come, for it will come of its own accord, when the time is right. Be prepared for it, by concentrating your energy and your attention on the work of the self. The inner turning is the way to allow for this work of the self to have focus and impact.

As you turn, both inward and away from distractions, examine your motives, your habits, your avoidances, and your behaviors with others as meaningful. Everything is meaningful; so do not dismiss what you experience as insignificant. Do not place responsibility for your own feelings and reactions upon others. Do not judge or criticize your self for having such feelings and reactions, but learn from them. What do they mean? Why are you having such feelings? Not related to what is outside of you, but why as related to the inner you? What is it, deeply hidden inside you, that seeks your attention, by acting and reacting in such a manner?

Find your place of calm and of balance. Find a place, a physical place of retreat where you can go in order to do the work of the self. Break some of your old habits, one at a time, by shifting away from them, and returning to your place of retreat, and allowing your self to go into calm investigation of the self. Even as energetic tension and pressure do continue to build all around you, continue your process, and your quick movement of shifting, turning away, and build your own quiet sanctum where the outside interferences have no entry point. Build your self a cozy nook, a sealed container, where only you and your inner self are invited. This can be a physical place, constructed as a meditation spot, where energy is good for you, or it can be a quiet turning inward that you can hone and access no matter where you are. But remember, the point of such turning away, such retreat, is not for purposes of hiding or sulking, but for specific intent: to learn the whys of the self.

Your inner you awaits, and deserves your undivided attention, especially now, as the energy is available to aid you as it pushes you inward, if you dare to turn your back on it, and allow it to shove you into your inner sanctum. It may even aid you, by slamming the door shut behind you! Allow your self this quiet place, this quiet time. You do not even need to do much when there. Just sit quietly, and see what comes to greet you. It will, undoubtedly, be the issue most pressing and necessary to work on.

This is good for today. Do not get caught in the energy of culmination. Do not get lost in worry about the peaking of this energy and what it will bring you. Remain calm in knowing that it brings exactly what you need, and turn away from it now, and focus on the facts of this day. What does this day present? Nothing else matters, except this moment, and how you deal with it. Are you doing it differently now? That is all that matters, that you change, shift, turn away, sweep clean and clear your energetic field, and turn inward, allowing the energy to close you in to your inner place of self-study and calm. And once there, await your lessons; and do them well, for they will come to aid you in your growth.

Have no doubts, now. Push your doubts away. They do not have a place in your calmness, nor do they get invited in to your inner sanctum. Only truth is invited in to your inner place of learning, and only truth will speak, if you go utterly quiet and allow it to have voice. You may be surprised at what it says to you, but study it for the lesson you must learn today. This is good!