#181 The Light to Come

Dear Jeanne,
What message do you have for us today, any guidance for the coming week?

My Dear Ones, it is time now to be alert to the signs of change as the culmination I have spoken of is soon upon you. Do not fixate on or judge your progress as this time approaches, but instead be alert and aware that signs are all around you, showing you your path, pointing out what you need to know in order to make the choices that will lead you unencumbered through this time of turmoil.

Even as darkness does descend in blackness before dawn, so may it seem that your life may accumulate its own last dark struggles before this time of culmination soon arrives. Do not get caught in the contemplation of this darkness, but look forward, through it, to the light to come. Peer through the darkness, avoid attachment to the old habits, and sweep aside the hands of desire and attachment that seek to grab on and feast upon your growing energy. Allow focus to remain on growth, on the light at the end of the tunnel that will bring purity and calmness to your inner spirit, yearning for this growth experience.

For this culmination bears within its energetic configuration much possibility, much to aid you, but much to satisfy you as well if you remain steadily focused, alert, and clearly aware that this is a time that, if utilized properly, does carry within it all means of enlightenment to enable you to step up to a new and calmer level. All energy and energetic potential is individually available, and your acceptance or rejection of it is relative to your own journey. Your step up to the next level may be a giant leap of clarity and knowing that will transition you to a new phase, and this will be good if taken with awareness of the fragility of such success, for your attention must remain steady upon your path for such abrupt growth and clarity to have long lasting and sustaining victory. In other words, you must continue the dedication to such a path, or this leap will have little impact. It is up to you.

In similar fashion, if this time of culmination allows you to gain but a small measure of awareness take this also in as a treasure to be accepted, studied, and held with utter respect for the ability you have learned, and the progress you have earned. But in likewise terms, is it up to you to utilize your treasure of growth and accept the responsibility of learning what to do with your new knowledge.

This time of culmination may also slip past, slip right past your awareness if you are too heavily steeped in your daily world. You may feel the energetic tension seeking to alert you, pressuring you to notice it, to shift you, to ask you to turn away from your distractions and go innerly. But the choice will be up to you. Your awareness, and your focus on your inner journey must remain a part of your daily life in order to hone these skills of knowing. Even if you miss this coming time of great shift, do not become disheartened, do not punish, or degrade your self in any fashion. For even in such times of unawareness will you be affected by the energy, and a subsequent growth spurt of some sort will take place in your life.

So look now, over the next few days, for your energetic calm to guide you. Use your skills of awareness daily. Allow the moments of calm, and of lull, to energetically re-charge you. Use quiet contemplation to re-balance you, and practice your turning-away method that I suggested you prepare for your self; a useful tool as you journey. By honing this skill during even the times of lull will you have it viscerally memorized so that it automatically appears to aid you when necessary. Make such tools appear when necessary by practicing them until they become your new habits, habits suited to growth.

Be alert, My Journeyers. Be calm and considerate of your humanness, but also be alert to your inner spirit’s fierce attempts to awaken you to your true potential. Your moment of culmination will come now, in one form or another. What are you preparing your self for? Are you ready for what may seek to overwhelm you? Are you ready for what may sneak up and pinch you? Are you ready for both; the knock-you-over-the-head kind of culminating knowledge, or the sly, and sneaky, needling kind that you may prefer to dismiss, much like a pesky mosquito? Do not dismiss these attempts to alert your inner spirit, though use your skills to brush aside the distractions. How will you know which events are which? Ask your self, your inner self, to guide you in resonance, in calm, and in inner answers.

Perhaps your time of culmination has already arrived? What did you learn? Allow for much time of self-study this week. It’s important.