#170 The Great Golden Bowl of Consciousness

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have guidance to offer us all today?

Be aware of higher consciousness within yourself. You hold a Golden Bowl, filled with potential and opportunity, and your task is to find this treasure within yourself, and learn how to access it. I offer guidance, in terms of direction, and advise a means of achieving success, yet do I also challenge greatly, for there is much to encounter on the road to this Great Golden Bowl of Consciousness that lies within.

Though my techniques may frustrate you, so must you know that your personal evolution is uppermost in my concern, and my methods place the burden of truth, and the hard work in attaining it, solely upon your own shoulders. For no one can do the job of your evolution, except you, and this is what I seek to alert you to. In giving you the techniques and tools I have within my knowing, do I offer you a practical means to achieving success.

I push, I confront, I challenge, and I fully expect that you will examine your own dilemmas, and your own reluctance as you receive these confrontations and challenges. Your own truth must come to the fore in order for you to move to the next step. Challenges come, not only from the likes of me, but from all else around you. The people in your lives, and the energy that abounds, all conspire to help you grow.

The challenges of that life are the greatest of all, for to exit that endless stretch of lifetimes, and evolve to a new level, is the consummate challenge. If you elect to trust my guidance, so must you also elect to accept my own experiences as true and helpful, for I offer them in this manner. My many lives upon that earth did carry me always forward, each life awaiting my participation and growth. As the spirit that I am, did I seek growth and evolution through all those lives, but it was not until my last reincarnation, as Jeanne Marie Ketchel, that I succeeded in fulfilling my time, and my adventures upon that earth. At that time, did I evolve to a point of ultimate challenge. Having to accept the burdens of change at every step of life, rarely did I have time to pause, always pushing for truth, not allowing my own spirit to be dampened by others, or the practicalities of the world as it had become. I stayed always within my own truth, and that is what I challenged myself always with. Truth, and the rightness of all things, all decisions, and all situations, became my greatest need, and challenge. For without truth, was life but a sham, and not worthy of my pursuit, or my fulfillment. I chose always to confront, rather than acquiesce, and as such a strong figure, holding on to my truth, did I often have to suffer the consequences of my decisions. But always, did I stay within my truth. I offer that experience to you, as an example, because, in so living always my truth, did I resolve my many previous dilemmas, carried through many lives. In truth is there release and wholeness. For in discovering the voice of truth within, do you discover the true spirit self. As I now offer my knowledge, do I also acknowledge that I may sound overly aggressive in my delivery, but my demeanor should not sway you from the truth of my messages.

I confront all to accept the truth of their own journey, to accept the challenges that they have given themselves, and to accept the job ahead of them as their own to conquer. My mission is to wake you up, and although there are many who are alert and seeking such guidance, alert to a new way of living, so are there many who slumber deeply, and need a shaking in order to wake up. The world around you seeks to shake you awake. The energy seeks to shake you awake. The truth in all things seeks to shake you awake. Are you ready for truth now? Are you alert to the facts of truth in your own life?

Now there is great energy again, to offer you a boost forward on your journey. Are you ready to accept this gift, though it may throw you out of your usual comfy spot, and toss you overboard, where all of your skills must be utilized? Or are you going to stay locked down, bolted to the floor of your vessel, accepting nothing that is being offered to move you out of your stagnant sea and plunk you down in the great wide-open ocean of energy that awaits? Opportunities abound upon that earth to engage in change on many levels. The first, and greatest, resides within the self. By accepting the opportunity to change your self, your deepest self, so do you offer yourself a glimpse of that Golden Bowl of knowing that awaits your discovery.

I have already warned of the energy that now abounds upon that earth, the energy that seeks change, that challenges, and that alerts you to the disturbances within yourself, offering you the opportunity to tackle your falsehoods, remove them from your front door, and begin the journey to truth and wholeness. This energy, though it may make you uncomfortable, also offers you the power you need, to quickly shift to a new level of awareness. And then will your outlook on your self, and your entire life, have the opportunity to shift, as well. But it is up to you to accept the challenges of change that now stand before you. Seek the truth, and seek the Golden Bowl of knowing, and opportunity, and change. Or do you hunker down now, and let it ride over you, another missed opportunity?

So, in conclusion, I offer you this knowledge to aid you on your journey today. Be alert to the truth, for I do not dabble in untruths, nor do I pretend that something is other than what it truly is. My job is to present the facts, and I do so boldly, for that is my method. There is not time for dilly-dallying. There is only enough time now for action, and the energy awaits such determined and decisive action, offering in return its own vibrant assistance. For in choosing change, do you accept all that comes with it, and the energy that abounds comes with this current time upon that earth. Seek truth within, and use that energy to push you there, deeper into your inner you, pushing you deeper into the place of truth where the Golden Bowl of inner consciousness and truth await your discovery. Use this time of energetic confrontation to go innerly.

I urge you all to take advantage of what comes to alert you to your own path. Watch the signs for direction, and be assured that your own truths await, seeking to enlighten you, and offer you connection to your own spirit as your means of growth. Seek the connection to the self, not by any means, except by learning the truths that present themselves. That is how you will evolve to the place where the Golden Bowl awaits.