#171 Awareness is the Key to Everything

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have a short message for humanity today, something brief and succinct, meaningful for this day?

Awareness is the key to everything. Take off the hood you have pulled over your eyes and allow lightness in to aid you in seeing what you must, what presents itself, and what lies ahead. How do you expect to advance upon your path, fulfilling your journey if you do not allow for clarity of vision? Remove all blockages to clear seeing and clear knowing. Allow the light to penetrate now when the energy is available to drive it to you with force and with compassion so that you may have the opportunity for growth. Do you not notice the call to face the truths that tug at your sleeve and peek under the tent you have pulled over your head? Do you not wish to have clarity now to guide you on your way? There is no clarity if one remains in darkness, that I can attest to. There are only stagnant behaviors if you remain caught by the old habits. Allow the energy to lift off the veils, the tents, the hats you have pulled down over your eyes. Remove the film that has blocked your truth. Take the fingers from your eyes, and look now toward the energy that seeks to shake you awake. Allow it to push you inward, to your truths, rather than outward to the old distractions. Its purpose is equally forceful in both directions; it plays at tug of war with your seeking self. Remember that the work of the inner self is the path of intent now, and allow the outer self to face now that inner you, and give over its energy so that union and growth may happen. Turn your outer back, and protect your inner you from the distractions of the wild energies that seek to have your undivided attention. Once in your protective inner you, remove the veils, the blindfolds, and discover how clearly focused is your vision when in this place of inner calm. Do the work that awaits in this place of inner calm. That is where this energy should lead you now, as it pounds at your door, inviting you to partake in its offerings. But all you wish to do is turn away, even as it does lift the veils, revealing the light, so must you go to the inner light. That is the path to take in order for there to be growth.

Use the signs in your life to guide you. Trust your journey as meaningful and necessary in order to lead you further along the path to the magic that awaits. Ask for help. It exists in many forms; you just have to be aware.