#169 Remain the Firmly Seated Buddha

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have a short note of guidance for us today?

Watch your moods, your swings, your elations, your joys, and your quiet moments of deep reflection for deeply felt resonance as you go throughout your day. Be alert, at all times, to signs as you recapitulate, reliving as you live, going back into your past, yet also forward into your day, attending to your daily tasks. Remember that you are always being tested, being shown what you need, and even being prepared to receive what you most need. Do not falter in your progress. Do not pile upon the self faults, or attempts to sabotage your progress, for all work is progress. Even as you take a step forward, may you slip back a bit, but this does not mean you have failed. Recapitulation and life work hand in hand, teaching you daily what you need to know.

Accept the process of recapitulation, and you accept the process of growth. The energy of now, of this week and the next, is full of gullies and hidden caves where your attention may wander, and your focus may fix upon. Far better to turn your gaze inward and remain upon the focused steady inner path than be drawn outward to explore these energetic cauldrons of desire and distraction. Remain the firmly seated Buddha even as the energy seeks to dissuade you from your focused intent. Watch the energy around you. It will seek you out, but that is not your concern. Just because it seeks, does not mean that you must acknowledge its presence. It offers nothing, though it will attempt to persuade you that it has pretty, tasty wares to please your every need. Turn inward, rather than reach out your hand to its plentiful offerings.

Allow your firmly seated calm to remain your anchor now as you weather the energetic pulls that are coming now in greater force. Be aware that this planetary activity will have affect upon your energy, and your personal calm, if you allow it to disrupt your quiet reverie. There is much that such energy seeks to convince you of, that you need it in order to grow, but that is not the case. Turn inward, and away from the tempting winds of such energy.

Inner calm, inner balance, inner focus will aid you as you go now into the coming days and weeks. Use your recapitulation as your focus. This will help you maintain your inner calm. It is a tool for growth, but use it also as a tool to prevent influence from outside to interfere in your growth. Use your recapitulation process to protect you from the distractions the universe will present, but use it, most intensely, to discover your own truths. That is your true intent now, and this you must remain steadily focused on as you go forward, daily, step-by-step, seeking new life, and new light.

I offer my advice, and though you may not recall all my words, seek to remember to turn inward and do the work of the self, repeating this mantra: Recapitulation will be my freedom.