#168 Sit Beneath Your Own Tree of Knowing

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have a message of enlightenment and guidance for humanity today?

Sit quietly now, in calmness, as you read my message. There is a process of growth that all must undertake. This involves learning the qualities of the great Buddhist monks, of calm interaction with all things upon that earth, but most importantly, with all that struggles inside, as well. There is no gain if no struggle ensues. Do you not wish for enlightenment and growth? My sole purpose, and the purpose of my mission group, is to bring awareness, and to alert you who reside upon that earth plane to all that exists to aid you on your journeys. Your greatest aid, and your greatest accomplice is your own knowing. This is what we seek to teach you about, to teach you that it exists, and that you are fully capable of accessing it, at all times.

When I speak of challenging yourself daily, so do I do this with the intent of aiding you to learn your own awareness techniques, those that suit you best, and are viable options in the world you now live in. I offer a great many techniques, tools in fact, that you are given the option to use, to test, and to apply, if they resonate with you.

My guidance is freely offered, and you also are free to try it out for your own higher good, but I cannot convince, or force anything upon any of you. It is up to you to take on the challenges I pose. I offer techniques to deal with fear, with change, with distractions, and with the process of recapitulation. These, along with accessing you own inner knowing resonance, are tools that will give you further access to abilities you may yet only have an inkling of. Guidance freely offered, may challenge as much as guidance that you pay a lot of money for, yet do I not desire payment, or any allegiance. I offer what I know, and offer it through goodness of intent.

Beyond the focus of the self is there much more to access, both beyond that life, and from your grounded place in that life. This I seek to alert you to, so that those now upon that earth, those who stumble, those who desire, and those who seek may all have equal opportunity for growth.

There is no growth without hard work, and this I also have been training you to accept. Though stumbling blocks may arise, though distractions may insert themselves into your life, do not allow such interference to pull you too far from your path. I offer, now, today, this guidance: be firm in your own direction, be steady upon your own path, reach forward to your growth, which lies but a few feet out of your reach, and seek to catch up to it, one step at a time. Focus your intent, not outside of you, but always inside of you, seeking what is most resonant and helpful as you continue your journey.

As you do your recapitulation, as you test this area of growth, and begin the process with daily small steps, remind yourself often of that plane you seek, that inner calm that you already know exists, for it has been your companion before. Your recapitulation will remind you, perhaps not gently at all, but with a full force gale, that you have, within you, memory of everything you need to know. Accept your memories as necessary growth-oriented steps that will lead you, not into darkness, but always toward the light, and the place of inner calm, and inner knowing.

I continue to challenge you to growth, change, and the work of the self, with firm conviction and concerted efforts to by-pass, reject, and consciously disregard the outside feeders of your energy. Remain focused on the greater intent of your journey upon that earth as you recapitulate, and discover your inner truths. Do not shy from truth, for then will it but remain a cog in the wheel of progress and continue to interfere in your growth.

Stay in your calmness as you continue your trek upon that earth, as you rediscover who you are, and as you challenge yourself to grow and tackle the greater issues that seek your energy. Use your inner knowing, your calm steadiness, and your awareness of truth as your anchors, even as Buddha, and his followers do use such anchors in their own lives.

Your balance at all times is essential as you continue your journey. There is no other journey to take, my friends. For in truth, if you don’t find your path to your inner truths, facing them, and working your way forward to a greater sense of self this time, may you only have to do it again. That I, personally, can attest to, for, as Jeanne Marie Ketchel, did I have the great task of completing my time upon that earth, and, believe me, it was quite a task. Often times, did I wish to shrink from the work of it, but in the end, my greatest task, my evolutionary growth, became my livelihood; and that I pushed myself to excel at, for I had within me the knowing of possibilities other than that life on earth.

I urge you all to consider your own future potential. Though I speak often of hard work and decision making, as you progress so must you remember that in energetic form is that term, “work,” quite a different experience from how you now perceive it. Life, and eternal life, reside side by side, but energetic form makes all the difference.

Today, I challenge you to grab on to your intent to grow, and sit beneath your own tree of knowing, and go deeply into the journey of the inner self, and see what you discover. Test the practices of the Buddhist way of calmness, for even as there are many such techniques so is this one quite easy to visualize and enact. Visualize your calm state of knowing, place your intent deep into your center of balance, and dare yourself to grow a little further on your path today. Sit in quiet contemplation, in centered, balanced calm, though there swirls around much that seeks your attention, and would love to feast upon your tasty energy. Go into inner quiet, and remain there, doing the work of the self, and you will do well.